The offerings on Deviant Art are all over the map, but some of them are breathtakingly fresh and creative. That’s where I found the work of artist Lukico, and I am completely in love with her elegant comics-inspired illustrations. While some of the pieces show characters in costume, many of them are beautifully subtle. Take this Bat-family portrait, which looks like something that belongs on a New Yorker cover:

There’s not a cowl in sight, yet a comics fan can identify every character. As one person noted, it has shades of The Godfather, and the only thing that would have made it even more fabulous is including Stephanie Brown and Babs.

Another lovely piece is this wedding portrait of Mary Jane and Peter Parker. The subjects are instantly recognizable without screaming “Spider-Man!” and the delicate composition is oh-so charming.

Speaking of Spider-Man, Lukico’s gallery also includes a number of gay-inclusive illustrations, and thumbs-up to that. Some people have problems with reinterpretations of characters’ sexuality, but whatever. This is sweet and romantic as all get-out.

My personal favorite, however, is this image of Tam Fox and Tim Drake. Plenty of my non-geek friends who saw this loved it with no point of reference whatsoever. Verdict: Adorable. (By the way, DC, can you go ahead and make TimTam a proper couple already? Thanks.)

There’s a lot more sparkly goodness in the Lukico gallery, and I highly recommend a visit.

5 thoughts on “Squee! of the Week: Lukico’s Gallery

  1. An other nice find! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Oh and as an aside, can I please say thanks ever so much to you both for having this blog.
    I have to say that I really love it and it is well thought out, written, not obtuse or full of group think, it is a wonderful respite in world full of really janky comic book blogs!
    Love it here! :)


  2. Thanks for sharing. The artwork is lovely. And dammit if Tim has to take another cold shower he is going to die of pneumonia. Love him with Tam and I love her character. She and he make a great couple.


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