The very handsome Brit Henry Cavill is the new cinema Superman, and for the life of me, I can’t tell whether anyone cares. Too soon? It seems like we were just being introduced to Brandon Routh, who did a good job in a flawed movie, Superman Returns. I’m not all that excited about a reboot, but I’m a little bummed that Routh didn’t get a chance to show what he could do in a (potentially) better movie. In any case, Cavill will look great with a spit-curl and a cape. And for the love of Rao, please cast a believable Lois Lane this time around.

Does the unveiling of the new Man of Steel have you pumped for the movie?

19 thoughts on “New Supes: Do You Care?

  1. I’m done with Superman movies. There have been too much time and money spent on this franchise (on the small and big screen) when that energy can be burned on other characters. Yes, it’s great they are finally doing a Green Lantern movie (even though I am skeptical and hate the fact they chose Hal Jordon) but I want more. Even though Batman is one of my favorites, Hollywood has also spent too much time and money on the Batman franchise, even though The Dark Knight kicked ass.
    I’m so ready for other DC movies. Where’s the James Robinson Jack Knight Starman movie? Seriously. If done well, the Starman movie could possibly be a hit…at least in my book.
    Boo, Superman. Boo, Henry Cavil. Boo, Hollywood.


  2. Ed, I can’t disagree with you. Superman is Superman, but I REALLY wish DC/Warner Brothers would put more energy toward other characters. This is just too soon after “Superman Returns.” There are other stories to be told.


    1. Yes you got that right E. !
      There are other stories to be told, even Marvel takes chances on their other supers it is not all about Spider-man for them.


  3. As much as I agree with introducing more characters from the large DC stable, Superman is probably one of the most recognizable in the world and as a fan I think he deserves a quality rejuvenation.

    I, for one, am looking forward to this movie if only for the reason that Christopher Nolan is producing it and if he can do for Superman what he did for Batman (I lost interest in the Caped Crusader after a slew of campy / cheesy movies…until ‘Batman Begins’), then I am on-board. According to Nolan, they have “a fantastic story” and I am optimistic that Superman will get the movie he deserves in Nolan’s hands.

    Zack Snyder (300, The Watchmen) is directing, which leads me to believe there will be a darker / grittier vibe.

    Although it is great to see movies like “The Watchmen”…these are intended for much “deeper” fans. Most of the people I know that saw it, did not like it, because they did not know about the dark aspect of the series and they like their heroes to be….well, heroes (i.e. not contain a rape scene). I agree that these movies should not be made to appeal to everyone, but when it comes to Superman, I think that people (rightfully so) are protective over – and have expectations for – the Man of Steel.

    Besides, he’s too iconic to not be included in the interest / surge of superhero movies recently. He deserves a proper update.


    1. Dana, I think you made a point I hadn’t considered. It’s easy to forget that most of the public isn’t immersed in comics, and Superman isn’t in their faces all the time. Looking at it from a business perspective, I suppose it makes sense to invest in your most recognizable franchise, especially for the young’uns. Kids don’t care that Superman has had 397 movies; they just want to see Big Blue in a cape, punching stuff. Watchmen went too far in the other direction, but I’d feel better if the DC/Warmer Brothers were working on, say, a Birds of Prey movie.


  4. I really honestly do not care to be honest. And what was wrong with Brandon Routh, he was pretty good was he not?
    It is about time that they DC/Warner Bros. gave Wonder Woman a chance or even a Justice League movie! That would be great!
    But yes it is too soon to recast and do another Superman movie when the last one just came out not too long ago.


    1. They have to do a Superman movie or they lose some rights to the character. I just hope they cast a good Lois Lane. Anne Hathaway would have been good but she is going to be Selina Kyle instead. My vote is for Kristen Bell.


  5. I’ll only get interested if I see trailers that show what I think is the full potential of a Sups movie, but I’m extremely doubtful that Hollywood, as it is now, is capable of pulling that out of it’s hat.

    I’d like to see a different DC character given a movie before I see another Superman one, too. Pretty much anyone (besides Bats, obv. since he’s had TDK etc. lately). Wonder Woman? Flash? Zatanna? Aquaman (done in such a way as to side-step his usual “useless” stigma)? Black Canary? A full on JLA or JLU movie? All sounds good, but sadly unlikely. :/


  6. I am not tired of Superman. I am tired of REBOOTS. I want to see some new stories, not a “fresh” take on an origin story that we already know.


  7. Superman is a great character, being the icon that he is, and the most well known of the DC superpowers (alongside Batman). He does deserve another shot at a decent movie, seeing as how badly Superman Returns was conceived and received.
    Still, I can’t help but grow irritated at the prime focus being only one Superman and Batman. It’s not that I don’t love those heroes, because I do, but really? Let’s give some other supers a chance.
    I for one would love to see a Flash movie in the works.
    Of course, with all of these, there’s the chance of it going haywire, being a complete failure, and disappointing fans everywhere. That alone makes me wary enough to almost want them to stop trying. But the chance of a success bringing much-deserved fame to our favorite heroes could be worth it.
    So I’ll be in line (probably at the midnight showing) of this movie, but I’ll be coming with low expectations- hopefully then I won’t come out of the theater angry.


  8. If there is anything I don’t want to see in a Superman movie, it’s dark and gritty. Must we feed that beast with every superhero adaptation to the big screen?


    1. Well, Superman wasn’t meant to be gritty. That’s what concerns me about the chance of it being so in the reboot… and the year one comic book that I’ll eventually have to check out.
      He’s meant to be kinda cheesy. We should leave the dark to the Dark Knight.


  9. I think if people really want to see other DC chars in movies, they need to really stand behind Supes and GL and Batman movies when they come out. If a new Supes reboot fades, it just makes them think that Batman is the only franchise that will consistently make money. If all three of those succeed, they’d be more willing to take a chance on other characters.

    I wish they’d given Routh another shot, and maybe just recast Lois or something. I really liked Superman Returns, although I think criticisms of it were valid. (Not enough fighting, too much eavesdropping, Lois was a bit bleah). Kristen Bell would be a good Lois.


  10. There’s a lot riding on the new film, and it’ll have to make a ton of money to be considered a “success” by blockbuster standards. Best of luck to Christopher Nolan. He’s very talented, so they just might pull it off. Meanwhile, it looks like Wondy will have to settle for a TV show that sounds sketchy at best.


  11. Cavill was good in the Tudors, but then Routh was good in the last Superman movie.

    I didn’t hate the last movie the way a lot of fans did, but I wouldn’t say it was very good. The public needs to see an unironic, capable, confident, optimistic Superman in the style of Morrison’s ‘All Star Superman’, nothing like the character that was presented in the last Superman movie or is on TV every week on ‘Smallville’.

    While we can point out all the energy spent on Superman projects, it’s important to remember that the general public hasn’t gotten to see a good Superman story since the second Reeve film. Even that had a sad theme, as they concluded Superman had to choose between being a hero and being with his love.

    Nolan’s involvement leaves me ambivalent. When he was originally hired as the director for ‘Batman Begins’ I was excited because I had seen a few of his films and thought he was the perfect choice for a Batman story. However, a great Batman story is different from a great Superman story. His hiring of Zack Snyder doesn’t fill me with hope. Nothing Snyder’s done gives me the confidence he can do optimistic.

    It will all come down to the script, I guess.


  12. I have to admit, I didn’t like the past Superman film much – mostly because I seriously didn’t like Lois’s character and I seriously thought Routh did an awful job. I loved their portrayal of all of the other characters, though, and didn’t think the story was terrible.

    I just wish they’d start picking more muscular actors for Superman! I mean, they got Chris Evans and he bulked up like a monster for Captain America, and Thor is humongous, Bale bulked up TOO much at first for Batman, but the new Superman and Routh were both too lean for my mental perception of what a real-life version should look like.


    1. Awww, I liked Routh. I think he suffered from the immediate comparison to Christopher Reeve, who is the gold standard for Superman. Plus, the script wasn’t very good and he was paired with 12-year-old Kate Bosworth.


      1. I just felt he kind of lacked… I don’t know, expression. He was kind of boring, and I feel bad for saying that, but he lacked the charisma I expect from Supes.

        And Kate Bosworth basically blows.


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