Like the song says: Don't ride the white horse.

DC fans like to joke about how Grant Morrison’s mind-bending stories often seem influenced by, shall we say, exotic substances. But Morrison’s got nothing on the Silver Age scribes who were responsible for some of the nuttiest comic book stories ever printed. One of the best examples? Comet the freakin’ Super-Horse.

Everyone’s heard of Krypto, but less well known are the other members of the Legion of Super-Pets: Streaky the Super-Cat, Beppo the Super-Monkey and, the wildest creation of the bunch, Comet the Super-Horse. You see, Comet was formerly a centaur from ancient Greece, and some unfortunate sorcery turned him into a Mr. Ed’s flying cousin. After seeing Comet first in a dream, pre-Crisis, Earth-1 Supergirl — aka Linda Lee Danvers — eventually comes face-to-face with the stallion and takes him for a ride. (Get your minds out of the gutter.) Turns out Comet has super-powers, including the ability to communicate telepathically, and he still wants to be a man — Kara/Linda’s man.

More spells and shenanigans ensue, and I don’t have the life force to explain all of them. Suffice to say that Supergirl and her sidekick become close, and Comet is eventually able to assume human form whenever a comet (sigh) passes Earth. This is where DC ups the crazy: As a human, Comet becomes rodeo trick-rider “Bronco” Bill Starr — and guess who falls in love with him? At this point, though, both of them are keeping secrets about their true identities.


Bill is named king of the rodeo, and of course, he needs a queen … in a cape. This time, he gets to make out with Supergirl in full costume!

No, really. DUDE.

Supergirl never puts two-and-two together, and Comet, unable to sustain his human-ness, decides not to tell her. Just like that, Rodeo Bill is gone, and Supergirl and her equine companion are left to wonder what might have been. It would be bittersweet and kinda romantic if it weren’t mind-blowingly insane.

Comet’s history is so full of hallucinogenic moments that it adds up to a lifetime supply of WTF? Wednesdays by itself. This can only mean one thing: It’s time for Grant Morrison to reboot Coment for a new generation of DC readers and take the madness to the next level. That is, if there is a next level.

9 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday: Neigh, I Say!

  1. I believe Peter David already did an update on his Fallen Angel run of Supergirl. Not as weird as Morrison could probably do, but that whole series was kind of out there, even without Comet.


  2. That frame with just the horse’s head is a riot. The caption doesn’t fit. He doesn’t look like he’s staring off longingly in the distance pondering romantic thoughts. He looks like he’s staring at her red and blue trunks while she’s lacing up her cowboy boots (…if you can in fact lace them up) thinking creepy-lewd horse thoughts.


  3. Streaky! Ha! All that stuff was big fun for me as a kid. Perry White gets super powers, Jimmy’s watch—it was crazy, but always innocent and for laughs. It was one of the things I loved about Morrison and Quitely’s All- Star Superman. The book felt like Silver Age kookiness with a slightly modern skew. I bought the singles and the trade.

    As to your gals post, there sure is a lotta thinkin’ going on while folks are supposed to be kissing. WTF indeed!


  4. I went through a period where I was reading collections of Silver Age stories. Weird doesn’t even begin to cover most of it. Though for me the most shocking moment was while reading Golden Age Batman, and seeing how killtastic Bruce was in those early appearances.


  5. Some of those silver age comics were the best and the funniest thing about them is I think that the people who did them were serious and thought they were a great idea.
    Could you imagine what their meetings were like???!!! : )
    I have to say though I want that shot of Comet with his thought bubble thinking about giving it all up for Supergirl, that needs to be a poster! : )

    Thanks for these posts they really make me laugh!


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