She’s inappropriate, bitchy, and a little too fond of problem-solving through violence, but I ♥ Ravager.

Every superhero team needs a rabble-rouser, and Ms. Rose Wilson fills that role for the Teen Titans with verve. As the offpsring of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke), she has enough dysfunction for several lifetimes. She’s also grown to become a valuable member of the Titans, and even her good-girl nemesis Cassie (Wonder Girl) has grown to value her battle prowess.

Ravager has had a slew of “Whoa” moments, both horrifying and highly entertaining. She cut out her own eye to prove her loyalty to her dad — this, while he was doping her up with power-enhancing serum that made her nuts. Speaking of Slade, she eventually beat his ass during the “Blackest Night” event, and even though she couldn’t bring herself to end him, she put him on notice to leave her alone. Forever.

The thing I love most about Rose, though, is the way she messes with her teammates. As someone who has only recently begun warming to Cassie, I was endlessly amused by Rose’s gift for ruffling blondie’s feathers. She also seems to enjoy flustering her male colleagues by skinny dipping and offering to take them for a test drive. I’d love to have seen Tim Drake’s internal monologue when Rose hid (naked, of course) in his bedroom, handcuffed herself to him, and then proposed some bonding exercises.

Tim to a dumbfounded Blue Devil, who walked in on them: “This isn’t what it looks like.”
Rose: “Yes it is!”

Mr. Kent, your cold shower is ready.

Things took a pretty dark turn later, as Rose became addicted to a drug that enhanced her precognitive powers, and ditched the Titans. But throughout, she stayed true to her own code and sense of justice. If she’s properly motivated, Ravager will straight up kill you. Just ask the child-trafficker/murderer who is now swimming with the fishes. Rose is for the children!

Now that she’s back with the Titans, Ravager continues to do what she does best: stir the pot and break bones. She and Damian are like the Dynamic Duo of put-downs and grudging respect, and seeing them trade insults is one of the best parts of the series right now. Those two played a hilarious round of the dozens while fighting off deranged teenagers, and Rose, as usual, had one of the best lines, telling Robin: “You’ve got a strong kick for having such little feet.”

She’s no role model, but Rose Wilson is an antagonist with style and a killer left hook. Bad? Little bit. Boring? Never.

7 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Ravager

  1. There is not enough love for Ravager. I think she’s one of the best characters DC have got at the moment. I just wish poor Eddie hadn’t been unceremoniously booted – her relationship with him added a bit of dimension beyond her tough girl image.


  2. I agree, Abby. He brought out a bit of sweetness in her, and I think she genuinely cared about him. She’s just an incredibly fun character with some complexity, to boot. I am so glad she and Damian are in the same book.


  3. This makes me want to read more of her. ‘More’ meaning ‘more than pretty much nothing, because I haven’t read any of the one’s she’s in’. Haha.
    I adore the idea of her with Damian though. They really do seem like the type of begrudging friends who insult each other all the time, yet still respect each other. Sounds interesting.
    Favorite line from this post?: “If she’s properly motivated, Ravager will straight up kill you. Just ask the child-trafficker/murderer who is now swimming with the fishes. Rose is for the children!”


  4. I have never heard of Ravager as I do not read Teen Justice or Young Titans or whatever it is called. ;)
    But any character that gives Cassie the business is alright by me! :D
    Oh and it seems that they are making Tim into a doppleganger of Dick when it comes to the ladies??!
    I would just like it if Tim got with Tam. ;)


  5. @Kiersten: Hee! Rose’s badassery inspires me.
    @Hepburn: Agree on Tim, who has been propositioned by pretty much every young woman in the DCU. Can’t blame ’em for trying, but I really want him and Tam to make a go of it. Yay, comic swirl!


  6. I know this is 3 years late but could I get credit for the art piece up top? :) I drew it back in the day and just now found it on this website. You can just link to my facebook page,

    Ravager rocks! Love her the best!!


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