Rumors are swirling that Lois Lane might not be the female lead in the upcoming Superman movie, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating on who should play her if and when the time comes. As much as I love Emily Blunt and Rachel McAdams, I’m a little annoyed by how monochromatic the entertainment media wish-lists are. While some armchair casting agents have looked beyond the typical starlets, most have been depressingly predictable. Obviously, the role should go to the best actress available. However, there are a number of wonderful actresses who don’t even seem to be in the running. Hollywood, here are some alternatives you might want to consider:

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan: She’s played plenty of strong characters, and her turn as a driven career woman in the little-seen Something New was really good. As an actress, Lathan has the right mix of steeliness and vulnerability to do right by the role.

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones: The multitalented Ms. Jones could do a great screwball comedy turn on Lois Lane, harkening back to the Margot Kidder model. There’s something wonderfully perky about her, and since she’s co-authored a comic book, we know she’s a fan of the medium.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes: Besides having a stunning screen presence, Eva just comes across as a formidable woman. She’s also funny, as her turn as Will Ferrell’s wife in The Other Guys proves. I can definitely see her staring down a shady mofo on the other side of a reporter’s notebook.


Anika Noni Rose

Anika Noni Rose: The voice of Disney’s first African-American princess and big-screen Dreamgirl would make a plucky, loveable Lois. She’s a fresh face and a big talent who deserves more exposure. Plus, she’s a fellow alum of my alma mater (Florida A&M, represent!).

Grace Park: She’s been on Battlestar Galactica (geek cred!), and she’s currently Det. Kona Klakaua in the updated Hawaii Five-O TV show (badass!) Enough said.

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton: OK, Thandie was my top choice to play Selina Kyle, but that ain’t gonna happen. So why not give this lovely, proven actress a chance to do her thing as the most famous reporter in the DCU? Besides, who would deny this woman a quote?

21 thoughts on “Rethinking Lois

  1. The top two I could see, but Park and Newton aren’t good enough actresses for this role (have we learnt nothing from the Kate Bosworth incident)


  2. Zoe Saldana. Slightly obvious, perhaps, but there’s a woman you wouldn’t mess with and who wears intelligence on her sleeve in everything I’ve seen her in.

    I’ve also always wished Rosario Dawson got more roles – she has the geek credentials too!

    Off the Lois Lane topic, but how great an Amazon would Gina Torres make?!?


  3. Eartha Kitt was my favorite TV Catwoman, so I can see where you’re going with this. Of your list, I think Thandie Newton would be the best Lois, but I’m not really feeling any of them. To my mind, you need a steely cool, scarily formidable actress for Lois Lane. Past personal favorites Dana Delany, Linda Fiorentino, and Lara Flynn Boyle are all too old now. Michelle Rodriguez, maybe? Warm and sweet will not do!

    One thing though: Eva Mendez? Really? Did you not see her Lois turn in Ghost Rider? Has she ever been anything but the poor man’s Salma Hayek (with even less acting ability?)


  4. @Abby: I like Zoe, too! She seems to be working a lot lately, so I wanted to open it up.
    @Sghoul: So? Lois is a fictional character. We’re not casting “The Helen Keller Story.”
    @Frank: Eva is OK in the right movie. She was fine in Hitch, and I think she’s got potential. I should have put Rosario Dawson into the mix, though.


  5. Rashida Jones, Rashida Jones, Rashida Jones!

    By the way, while we are the subject of diversity, when the hell am I going to get my Luke Cage movie? Sweet Christmas! (Notice how I keep bringing it back to Marvel;)


  6. ROSARIO! ROSARIO! ROSARIO! I think Rashida could pull it off, too. While I love me some Sanaa, she’s just so warm and cuddly. Two things Ms. Lane is not. And, I’m with Frank on the Eva portion of the show. I don’t know what it is about her that irks me … I think it’s the over-bite (gawd, that’s shallow … hmmm … oh wells).

    Kudos for encouraging folks to travel outside the box, E-Boogs. I happen to think it could work with Lois. Her race/ethnicity hasn’t been an “identifier” for the character. But, Lois being a brunette has. No way in hizzle could I swallow a BLONDE as Lois. It even seemed off when Erica Durance’s locks were a dirty-blonde, and not straight brown … and she’s a good, young Lois.


  7. @Vanessa: I second the Rosario love! You do not want to get my brother started on that topic. As for Eva’s overbite, it’s comforting to see at least ONE flaw. Damn her.
    @Andrew: Team Rashida! Wasn’t your boy Tyrese supposed to be playing Luke Cage? What happened with that?


  8. I so wish that they would change Lois up a bit!
    Thandie Newton would be wonderful as would Zoe Saldana or even Rosario Dawson!
    I have to say that this would be WONDERFUL but here is to dreams… : )


  9. What’s wrong with Eva? That hot mess that was Ghost Rider wasn’t all her fault. I agree with E, in the right role with the right cast she’d be good. Ms. Dawson’s a good pic too. I think Grace Park could pull it off just fine too.


  10. So tired of Zoe Saldana. Her frame seems a bit slight to play Lois. Of all your choices, I like Sanaa. Erica Durance has been one of my favorite on-screen “Lois”-es. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of love for “Smallville” folks for a big-screen anything … probably rightly so.


  11. Tyrese is still attached, but to what? An “in-production” sink hole. The Old Spice guy has said that he wants the role. I’d be interested. I’m not sure Tyrese can pull of the hardcore badassitude necessary.


      1. Apparently Old Spice Guy is a BIG comic/graphic novel fan and his favourite character is Luke Power-man Cage!
        So that would be ever so nifty if he did get the role. :)


  12. Isaiah Mustafa is so not Luke Cage. He could be great as most any “Insert Black Super-Hero Here,” but he has no street credibility whatsoever. He’s got charm, but no intensity. He’s kind of like the Falcon, sadly. Now, Terry Crews could be Luke Cage…


  13. Say what you were suggesting that Thandie Newton be Selina was and is a stellar idea but no we are to have Anne Hathaway, and actor that I like but i really do not care to see play Ms. Kyle.
    One of my favourite Thandie roles was The Chronicles of Riddick, a movie that not many love or appreciate but I do love watching for the beauty of the sets/backgrounds and for the Lady Macbeth type turn that Thandie gave her character. She can do sweet and lovely and sensually seductive and you believe it EVERY TIME. But alas we are talking Hollywood who often have as much depth and creativity as a box of lard.
    But yes Thandie would have been a STELLAR Selina Kyle! : )


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