Corporeal punishment was once considered an acceptable form of discipline, and apparently, it wasn’t just for naughty young’uns. During the golden, silver, and even bronze ages, everyone from Superman to uppity dames were getting their bottoms smacked — and some of ’em liked it. Look, what grown folks do is their business. But the flagrantly sexist images, combined with the shock of seeing Superman bent over Dwight Eisenhower’s lap, is enough to make a person seek therapy. Check out our ass-centric gallery, and keep your shrink’s number handy.

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12 thoughts on “WTF? Wednesday: Bottoms Up!

  1. This is scarily funny. : )
    I think my favourite is the Donald Duck one because it reminds me of the cartoon where he thought that Huey, Dewy, and Louis were planning to start smoking, so he made them all smoke the box of cigars. He was BRUTAL with them, and I remember laughing myself silly at that cartoon, but it was not until the whole box was gone that he saw the note the boys had written to him, for the box of cigars was a gift.

    Yes twisted but funny. : )


  2. “I love it”…that’s just plain creepy. Supes is the comic world’s first deviant; encouraging the transvestite tendencies of Jimmy Olsen, running around the city in his tights and skivvies (on the outside no less), checking out women AND men alike with his x-ray vision, AND he’s into spanking.


  3. The early Wonder Woman panel makes perfect sense. William Moulton Marston based Wonder Woman’s appearance and personality on a blending of his wife and their girlfriend, who lived with the couple from the time she moved in in her college years until they had both passed away. In fact, she wore similar bracelets, which are thought to have symbolized her a submissive position in a dominant/submissive triad relationship. Marston got in on it, too, apparently. He wrote about young men, “Give them an alluring woman stronger than themselves to submit to, and they’ll be proud to become her willing slaves!” He seemed to think that having powerful female heroic figures, and encouraging an attitude of submission toward them, was a potential cure for male sexism and gender discrimination.

    As for Batman spanking Robin, or giant Jor-El spanking Superman — I have no explanation for that. :-)


  4. @Hepburn: Dude. Donald was always screaming at his nephews and threatening to beat them within an inch of their lives. That was one angry avian.
    @CD: Yeah, the Superman panels were seriously, seriously creepy. I think there’s more going on underneath that cape than we realize.
    @Richard: WMM had some very … interesting theories that resulted in all that bondage and submissive imagery, for sure!


    1. The more I look at it the more I think it had to have been done on purpose. Like the artists and writers were thumbing their noses at the censors. They were the Matt Stones, Trey Parkers, and Seth MacFarlanes of their day.


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