Michael Holt: The Genius

I’m going to jump off my five with one of the sexiest guys in the DCU. I fell for him during Rucka’s run of Checkmate. He’s a steely, serious, take charge kind of guy with epic integrity who adores his woman. Sasha, you were one lucky lady. I also love that he’s an atheist. I mean, it’s kind of ridiculous to be one in the DCU, but he holds fast that there IS a scientific explanation for all of it.

Oh, and by the by; there is nothing hotter than intelligence. Mr. Terrific is the third smartest man on the planet. Panties dropped.

"Pssst. Mike. I'll be your White Queen, baby."


17 thoughts on “Heroic Hotness: Mr. Terrific

  1. I also like that Mr. Terrific is also a good foil and can stand toe to toe or up to Batman!
    That is also pretty nifty about him too. : )


    1. I hadn’t thought of that, but yes! Someone should write that … a moral conflict between the two of them where they get all chest-puffy, and high-horsey. But in a stoic, serious way.


    1. I’m not sure, but the two are probably among Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne, Ray Palmer or T.O. Morrow. I’m just guessing, though. Maybe the two aren’t “characters” at all, just people.


  2. I had to Google him, never heard of him before (….sorry Miss Vanessa). Kind of sounded like a throwback ’80’s WWF wrestler to me. And with the pleather jacket and face-paint, kind of looked like one too.


    1. Dude is sick…..Olympic Caliber Athelete, Martial Arts Expert and Genius Level Intellect…That’s who I’d be if I were a Superhero, screw Supes and Bats !!!!!


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