Topless Robot recently dedicated a post to the 11 heroes geeky girls want to date, but who are also probably toxic — Batman, James T. Kirk, and such. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, that got us thinking about the crush-worthy characters who set our hearts aflutter. While some of them probably wouldn’t be the most reliable romantic companions, they’d certainly be memorable. I’ve always tended toward good guys in real life, but as long as we’re fantasizing, I’m gonna get this party started with:

Han Solo: The Scoundrel

Harrison Ford was never sexier than when he was playing the rascally, fast-talking smuggler with a blaster on his hip. Han is basically every charming, handsome bastard you’ve ever known and loved. He isn’t the type to call the next day, but when he shows up on your doorstep unannounced with a sly grin, well, you know you’re gonna let him in. Just ask Princess Leia, whose frosty facade Han melted like a blowtorch. You know that scene in The Empire Strikes Back where he backs her up against a wall, moves in real close, and says, “You like me because I’m a scoundrel.”? Talk about a disturbance in The Force! If loving Han is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

8 thoughts on “Heroic Hotness: Our Top Geek Crushes

  1. Yes I like Han but to be honest I always had a crush on Obi Wan Kenobi, he was so charming that it made me wonder what he was like when he was younger. Well I found out when Ewan McGregor played the young Obi in the “first three movies” of the six part story. And I was not disappointed. : )


  2. Obi-Wan is very, very appealing. The only reason I didn’t pick him is that he has sort of a priestly vibe, like he’d cut any romantic overtures off at the pass because of his commitment to the Jedi Order. No such worries with Mr. Solo!


  3. I don’t know E. Have you seen Clone Wars? They’ve been playing up a “thing” between Obi Wan and the Mandalorian Duchess Satine Kryze. Get out your scarlet letter. He may be a priest, but he ain’t all priest.


    1. You got that right and then there is Obi’s twisted flirtation with Asajj Ventress, there is ALWAYS something going on when ever they meet in battle their banter is always a rather twisted flirtation sexual tension. :)
      Obi has it going on. ;)


    2. Yes and when he and the Duchess were confronted with a deathly situation he confessed that had she but asked he would have given up the Jedi Order to be with her because he loved her.
      Han just gave up money. ;)


      1. Unfortunately I don’t think Ventress is going to see the end of this last season of the show (this is the last season, right?). I wish he and Satine would hook up at least once though.


  4. Fully support this title lol! I’ve crushed over Harrison Ford (therefore Han and Indy Jones) since I was a 5 year old lol. True I’m only 25 years old now but that’s 20 years of adoration for Han Solo right there :)

    I don’t have any scoundrels in my life and yes, I do like you because you’re a scoundrel :) *swoon*


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