Chris Evans as Captain America: The Hottie

The All-American boy isn’t usually my thing, but Chris Evans is doin’ it to it as Captain American. Here’s to hoping his performance in the film is as good as he looks. I think it will be.

Captain ... can I get a hug?


7 thoughts on “Heroic Hotness: Captain America

  1. Nottie. I dug Evans as the Human Torch, and he’s got a great body, but he lacks any presence as Captain America. One of the reasons I initially supported his casting was that I hoped his Cap would smile and be charismatic. Instead, he has this flat affect that makes him seem dumb and stiff. Even Paul Walker would have been more charming and lively. Paul. Walker. The only thing keeping him from being among the legions of the living dead is a Soloflex and Darque Tan account.


  2. Chris Evans I like he is a fun actor to watch and I found his character in The Losers to be funny but, sorry I have to abstain from Captain America, never grooved on the character for it was way too jingoistic for this Canadian girl.


    1. Not really but nice try Craig D. but if I would have suggested that we have Wolverine, because he is after all Canadian. And the Bob and Doug are better in real life on SCTV.
      But no Captain America for me, like I said it is just too jingoistic propaganda for my tastes.
      Have fun watching the film.


      1. I miss SCTV. When Comedy Central was born they showed old episodes every afternoon. They were also showing SNL Gen 2 (Eddie Murphy, Robert Downey before the Junior, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Gilbert Gottfried, Billy Crystal) right afterward. The comedians of SCTV made the SNL crew look like amateurs.


  3. ….kidding. I really can’t talk coming from Maine. All we have to offer is Stephen King and Bob Marley (the comedian, and no, he’s not really that funny most of the time). And lobster if you like that sort of thing (bleh, they look like big spiders to me, no thank you).

    The WWII era propaganda always creeped me out a bit, but I’m really loving the period look to the movie. I’m quickly getting sold on this movie


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