Edward Cullen: The Romantic

“My life was an unending, unchanging midnight. It must, by necessity, always be midnight for me. So how was it possible that the sun was rising now, in the middle of my midnight?”

Those are the thoughts of Edward the moment he fell in love with Bella. In Twilight lore, the instant they are turned to vampires, they are like stone. Their human memories fade, but they remain exactly as they are forever. The “self” is frozen. Only one thing can change them. It is rare and only happens once. When a sparkly vampire falls in love, they are permanently altered, and the love never fades.

For all of Edward’s flaws, his unconditional adoration of Bella totally, effing hooked me. Let’s factor in the phenomenal beauty, impeccable turn-of-the-century etiquette, the romantic cadence of his speech, a century’s worth of education, Mozartesque musical talent, super-strength and speed, and yes, the mothafucker sparkles. I love me some Edward Cullen. I love him because he loves so unabashedly. In the Twilight-verse, that’s how vampires roll. I think it’d be hella beautiful if fearless love was more common in the real world.

Edward Cullen by Colleen Peck

A Note About The Art …

The beauty of prose is that your imagination illustrates the story, and often times nothing can really hold a candle to that. The mind does our bidding, and creates our version of beauty. When reading the Twilight novels, I had an image of Edward and all of his glory. Being the art junkie that I am, I scoured the interwebs looking for a drawing of him that suited my ideal. I found a million and one drawings of Robert Pattinson. Well, he’s not Edward. He’s Robert. Even the graphic novel wasn’t much more than a generic, manga-hottie Edward.

I wanted an image of Edward, as he was described in the book, and that did justice to my imaginings. Then, I came across this gem on deviantART. The tortured expression, marble complexion, reddish-brown hair, golden eyes, and perfect proportions; THIS is Edward Cullen. Thanks to the artist, Colleen Peck, for creating such a magnificent rendering of a character I adore.

10 thoughts on “Heroic Hotness: Edward Cullen

  1. Aaaah sorry but Edward creeps me out a tad.
    If I would chose a vampire to love me forever that would be Spike.
    He hated Buffy in the beginning but then found himself in love with her much to his chagrin and then when he tried to express his soulless love for her it was all kinds of wrong, but the love intent was there. But unlike Angel who was given a soul as punishment for his sins as a vicious vamp, Spike went on a horrific quest full of ardour in order to gain a soul to prove his love to Buffy.
    That to me is love deep and wide and not my little pony shiny.
    And he writes poetry too, bloody awful poetry, hence the nickname William the Bloody, but poetry none the less. ;)


  2. I loved Spike and Buffy, but i always had a soft spot for Xander and whoever he was with. He was just so sweet and goofy and sincere. Even now, when i see him in something random i have to squeel when i recongnize him! But for Edward, i have to agree with vanessa, he is an ideal. Maybe he wouldnt work in real life, but he doesnt need to. And i also love that artwork, it is beautiful.


  3. “I think it’d be hella beautiful if fearless love was more common in the real world.”

    Glad I read this post for funsies, that quote is badass.


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