We all know Superman is “faster than a speeding bullet” and shit. Superman is THE man. But, the Speedforce is pretty epic, especially in regards to one Barry Allen. So, Barry Allen with the power of the Speedforce racing Superman with all the might of the yellow sun …

11 thoughts on “Superman v. The Flash: Who’s Faster?

  1. Silver Age, Superman could exceed the speed of light and travel in time under his own power, and the Flash could achieve light speed and needed a device (the Cosmic Treadmill … hey, I didn’t name it) to time travel.

    Current versions, Flash can exceed the speed of light and travel through time, and Supes can’t (he’s only been seen to time travel with assistance, such as from the Legion of Super Heroes). So currently, Flash can leave Supes behind, lap him and tease him about winning the race the day before it starts, then run with the previous version of himself and beat Supes again.


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