We think we’ve made it pretty clear who we want Wonder Woman to boo up with. However, a comment from a reader (Hi, Celeste!) about the above Stephane Roux illustration of Diana with Artemis got me thinking:

“They would actually make a really hot couple. Just sayin.’”

I’d made an offhand comment about this in an earlier post, but I hadn’t considered it seriously until Celeste made the observation. And you know, it makes a lot of sense. Wonder Woman is from an island inhabited entirely by women, so it’s hardly a stretch to think of her as a lesbian. My personal theory is that Wonder Woman just loves, period, and that it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other for her. Why pick a side? (On the other hand, upon arrival in man’s world, she might have become fascinated by the male gender’s unique … accessory.)

Anyhoo, Artemis is as determined a warrior as her Amazon sister, and they clearly respect each other. Artemis even was Wonder Woman for a stretch. She’s walked a mile in those red boots, which gives the two of them quite a bond. She also reminds me  of Knockout, whose romance with Scandal Savage was cut short by that Death of the New Gods mess, but that’s a rant for another day.

So what do you think? Would you be down for an ArtWondy romantic team-up?

21 thoughts on “ArtWondy?

  1. I actually need a fourth choice. I can totally believe Wonder Woman would go for a girl, but I don’t think Artemis is her type. There is too much bad blood between them. The second choice almost works, except I don’t buy into the Wondy/Bats relationship. Sorry.

    The Irredeemable Shag


    1. Bad blood is perfect though, because there’s nothing that brings a the players in a lesbian fantasy together like a knock-down-drag-out. Remember your Seinfeld…

      Elaine: Ok, why? Why do guys do this? What is so appealing to men
      about a cat fight?

      Kramer: Yeye cat fight!

      Jerry: Because men think if women are grabbing and clawing at each other
      there’s a chance they might somehow kiss.

      Kramer: T-t-t-t…


  2. While it’s absolutely true that Diana would not have any irrational response to girl-on-girl, it’s fairly obvious that she discovered her hetero preferences a long while back. So I can see her hooking up with Artemis, but it wouldn’t last. Nor would either of them really expect it to.

    Don’t really see her with Bruce either. He tends to go for the bad girls.


  3. Here, here! My point exactly. Of course as a HUGE Batwondy advocate, I don’t necessarily think that the Star Spangled amazon needs to be portrayed as a lesbian per-se; perhaps something more “Heteroflexible” or, say, “Situationally bisexual”.

    WTH, why not throw Bats into the mix. Of course there was bad blood between him and Artemis but what better way to amends, let bygones be bygones; that whole “Justice League thing” is in the past.

    Would that be “bad” enough for Bruce? ….. I know I’d buy it ;)


  4. I’m with Shag on Option 4, but I defaulted to 3. I very much prefer a sapphic Wonder Woman to a notch on the utility belt. My real preference though would be either a revamped Steve Trevor/new designated love interest, or a lesser super-hero that Diana could outshine.


  5. Good points all around, as usual. (And Bruce needs a type adjustment, for real.) As much as the ArtWondy idea appeals to me, I think the two of them would rather keep it businesslike.


  6. I love and worship Diana. I like the fact and the idea that some of the Amazons are lesbian and some are straight and some simple abstain from either.
    Why does everyone one have to hook up with someone? Does it add a value to the character that we feel needs to be there or is it just a voyeuristic impulse?

    I know and understand that Diana loves and respects all and everyone, and all of her sisters, and that I adore about her but to be honest I do not see her getting with Artemis, they are too much alike.
    Also Diana does not need someone to outshine! She needs a foil someone who is her equal, for that would truly be a non cliche relationship., and that would be true to the Amazon ideals of equality for all in everything.
    She does not need a male Lois, or Selina or a female one for that matter. She needs an equal.


    1. An equal would be ideal, but I think the shine would wear off fairly quickly. I for one don’t want to see the perfect couple week after week. The odd couple that just shouldn’t click but does, now that works (maybe strikes home a bit….) if it’s done correctly.
      I think DC could get a real Chuck vibe going on. The maybe slightly uncoordinated but genius partner (don’t make him a sidekick), like a male Oracle who monitors her from the home office. He might not physically be her match, but his brains matched with her brawn make them a perfect team. And because they’re not a likely couple, the title could work the relationship for a year or two. Get the readers on board before Wondy ever is. Having his ass getting into trouble month after month would be detrimental to the relationship. Have him pull her Star-Spangled butt out of the fire more often than she has to save him.


      1. You could even play off the relationship. She could be embarrassed to bring him home or tell the family on Themyscira about him.

        Or better yet, she keeps the secret from the members of the JLA for a similar reason. Have Bruce figure it out and start gunning for a relationship with her out of jealousy….or just to be a dink.


      2. When I say equal that by no means equates as perfect.
        An equal is some one who acts as a helpmate, a foil, someone who is not the second banana in the relationship. Someone who adds to you and you to them ,not some one to make you look better and prop you up to look good.
        And LORD LOVE A DUCK, no way do I want Diana to have a relationship a la that show Chuck! :P That is just too… ( I LOATH THAT SHOW) it would ruin Diana for me big time.
        For me I like the way the Emma Peel and John Steed worked together. Granted they were not in a romantic relationship per se, but one always felt they could be for the vibe was there. They were equals.


        1. I guess maybe Chuck wasn’t the best example. Definitely not quite as bumbling as that, but someone you would never expect her to end up with. You’ve got Bruce and Clark, both 6 ft. + athletic types (Clark played football. Bruce is mr. martial arts). I’d like to see some love for the little guy once in awhile (and being 5’2″ doesn’t count when you’re solid adamantium bub).


  7. Since this is an island where the “women” live forever there it could other options. Like I don’t celbacy. Why is it so many have to think that they are automatically butches.


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