Ann U.’s illustrations caught my eye the instant I spotted them on DeviantArt, and it led me to even more of her striking art posted on her Live Journal. I cannot resist the work of an artist with a gift for facial expressions and body language, and Ann’s drawings radiate personality. The first piece that got my attention was this sketch of Spock and Uhura. It’s intriguing because she seems like she’s about to alert him to something seriously amiss off in the distance.

Uh, sweetie?

Another winner is this illustration of that lovable ruffian, Green Lantern Guy Gardner. With his cocksure grin, he’s about to go make some trouble, and enjoy it immensely.

There’s more Trek goodness with my favorite grumpy physician, Bones McCoy. He’s sweating and annoyed, and he does not have time for your bullshit or more bad news. Perfect.

My God, man!

Finally, there’s this moody, broody image of Superman and Batman, surveying their domain. The image conveys a genuine friendship, and I love the way Batman’s billowing cape serves as a focal point. This is beautiful stuff, and it looks like Ann U. takes commissions. Check her out and show a talented, young artist some love.

That Darkseid mess was crazy, yo.

10 thoughts on “Squee! of the Week: Ann U.’s Sketchbook

  1. “That Darkseid mess was crazy, yo.”
    ^Best caption ever!!
    The Guy Gardner and Superman & Batman ones are my favorite. (Probably because I’m much more of a superhero girl than a Trekky, but that’s beside the point.) She’s really good!


  2. At first I did not realize that was Guy Gardener as he is missing his bottle cap hair cut.
    I do not know if that hair style is a step up or down from the bowl, I am now thinking that it is a lateral move in direness.


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