I don’t know about you, but I was thrilled to see Diana’s old costume on the cover of Wonder Woman #609. No matter how much I looked at it, that horror of a ’90s shopping mall getup never grew on me. The dowdy boots. The choker. Good riddance.

Of course, Jim Lee is hardly the first artist to re-imagine Wonder Woman’s togs, and quite a few illustrators have done masterful costume redesigns. For those days when Wondy’s classic battle bathing suit is at the dry cleaner, which of the following alternate designs would you pick for our favorite Amazon? Take a look and cast your vote at the end of the post!

14 thoughts on “Geek Stylist: Alternate Duds for Diana

  1. I like everything about Lynne’s rendition except maybe the shoe/boot colour. All ‘n all she took the classic look, added pants and made the bracelets into bracers, much more fitting. And WW should ALWAYS carry her axe and shield, although I guess the shield is redundant when she has the bracers but it looks badass. Also the belt to hold the lasso is a nice touch, it’s no longer just floating there. That tiara could act like a half-helm too, but it still looks good.


  2. Lynne’s is my favorite too. I’m torn between Gino’s and Daniel Heard’s designs for second though. Both invoke that God of War / Clash of the Titans feel and I really like that.


  3. These are all pretty awesome but I had to go with Oliver Nome’s. It screams superhero, princess and athlete all at the same time. But I would trade in the heels on the boots for something flat.


  4. I like Katie Cook’s myself.
    I think that what a lot of the haters of the newest outfit do not seem to understand is that Diana and her sisters are in hiding and she is in stealth mode in the big urban. So hence the rather nondescript outfit. If spotted she needs to kind of blend in and you really cannot do that wearing blazing red,blue, white and stars on everything. Also as for the choker it is part of her Greek heritage for if you looked at it closely (which I did) you will see that it is the evil eye. Greeks where it as a symbol of protection and good luck so it was not simply a tragic fashion choice.
    So for those reasons I rather liked her revamp looked because it was practical.
    I like Katie Cooks outfit because it is stylish and utilitarian and one could fight in that, but it is missing her tiara. For a second choice I like Lynne Yoshi’s design it is new and keeps the classic elements from the old outfit. :)


  5. Lynne Yoshii’s design all the way! Makes an updated tribute to the original costume! I like the idea of her using her Amazon Weapons as well, She is a better fighter than most think and she is more than just her punching and lasso!


  6. Okay, as a guy, it is probably unwise of me in general to talk about fashion, even Amazon fashion. I am a guy who has been accused of not warning matching socks. (You mean there is a difference between dark blue and navy blue? I don’t see it.) But here are my thoughts any.

    Gino Patti – Yes, this strikes me more of a costume for the Vipress rather than for Wonder Woman. It’s just a bit too gaudy. And its complicity can’t be a good thing either, if you are the poor inker.

    However, I do take note of the oversized bracelets. This is not just a fashion accessory, she uses these things to deflect bullets after all, it makes sense they would be larger rather than smaller.

    Katie Cook – I like this design. It’s simple without being plain or ordinary. And if things doesn’t work out with the movie, she could always become an extra for the next Star Trek TNG movie.

    Joe Quinones – Ugh. American gladiators any one?

    Daniel Heard – This is a super hero costume? Never the less, this is an intriguing idea that got me thinking. Diana is something of a daughter of Greek Mythology. It stands to reason that she would have grown up in an entirely different culture with entirely different sense of esthetics and style. This design clearly reflects that kind of thinking, and reminds me that she isn’t American.

    The head vail however strikes me as a bad idea practically however and just screams “broken neck.” It would be far more practical if it was cape instead.

    On the other hand, I keep hearing that short fashion lady from the Incredibles. “No capes!”

    Ethan Wright – She can save the world – but still can’t buy a drink in the US. Life just isn’t fair, is it? This just doesn’t strike me as something Diana would wear. All though I understand she does have a little sister that helps out with the crime fighting now and then.

    On a practical note. Come on ladies, its one thing to have to use a glue pot to keep that metal bra in place – but your pants?

    Oliver Nome – Ah, now this one is interesting. Some one who actually looks like they are from Greece instead of from Germany. And the deviation from the Red White and Blue again reminds me that she is not American. This girl looks like she is ready to hit the streets of Athens or Thessalonik, rather than New York or L.A.

    That is not to say I have any thing against the American Icon of Wonder Woman. But I am also of the mind that American Exceptionallism is old hat in our modern global universe. It strikes me as logical, and perhaps even more romantic that Diana once leaving Paradise Island, would find herself in Greece rather than the US, recognizing the fact that the rest of the world does indeed exist.

    The down side is the combat swimsuit. Not that I am complain mind you, still a guy here. But I do have to wonder if any self respecting super heroine would permit sexual appeal to trump function, making this design – well, dated.

    Lynne Yoshii – Ah, but you just can not beat the classics, can you? Not to give away the vote, but I went with this one too. This is just your tried and true, red white and blue, bad guy ass kicking motif, and yet still doing it in style suitable for the New York runways. Again, we have the oversized bracelets, very functional. The lack of an exposed midriff speaks to her professional nature – she is to be taken seriously.

    Okay, this takes care of the summer combat – what about the rest of the year though? Brrr, even now it looks cold!


  7. I had a really hard time deciding between the Gino Patti costume or the Lynne Yoshii costume, but ultimately decided on the Yoshii. Everything else got thrown out of consideration the very moment my eye came across it (while many other designs were obviously more “practical”, they were also too ostentatious and more befitting a medival knight on horseback – who relies more on being covered head to toe for protection – than an athletic “infantry-like” warrior such as Diana). Overall, they were both attractive, powerful, and functional outfits, but the Yoshii one was slightly less “bling” and (in my opinion) a bit closer to character.


  8. Thanks for including my old design. And thank you Cderosby and Code Name D for the kind woeds and thoughtfull review. The cape veil was an attempt at giving her a bit of unique superhero flair, and to evoke the Madonna (if Superman gets all the Jesus analogies, then WW shouldn’t be left out).
    If I were to refine any of it today, the skirt wouldn’t be hiked up as far and she would be wearing combat soles inmstead of high heels.


    1. Daniel, you’re welcome! It was a stunning design, and I was very happy to find it while scouring the Web for cool alternatives. Please come back anytime, and thanks so much for reading.


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