Insert catty Michael Kors comment here.

Somewhere, Jim Lee is breathing a sigh of relief. While his Wonder Woman costume redesign ruffled the feathers of fans and the fashion-conscious public at large, he looks like Zac Posen compared to the person who unleashed this pleather horror of adult superstore chic here. As you already know, this is the first photo of Adrianne Palicki — star of the pending Wonder Woman TV show — in costume. To be fair, some of you guys dug it, but the reviews overall have been scathing. Here’s a sampling of your commentary from our Facebook page:

“Kill it. Kill it with fire.”

“Lasso looks like braided sparkle Barbie hair.”

“Ugh Ugh Ugh.”


“Somewhere in America, someone is missing the lining to their kiddie  swimming pool.”

“It takes something like this to make Jim Lee’s biker redesign look good.”

“It beats most [all] of Smallville’s tries at costumes.”

“The actress doesn’t look like she’s kicking butt anywhere but a MAC counter.”

“As Joey Tribbiani would say: What’s not to like? Cleavage breast plate, good. Pleather hot pants, good. Sexy Wondy boots, good.”

“The shiny patent leather makes this get-up straight-up fugly.”

“I refuse to believe that’s the right costume.”

“What the friggin’ A, man?!”

“I think it’s a great compromise for TV! And she can always whip them blue pants off and have the bikini on underneath!”

“I cannot forgive the shinetastic horror of the material.”

But my favorite comment so far is from Wapsi Square artist Paul Taylor via his Facebook wall: “Why does everyone interpret that darn lasso like it’s a length of knitting yarn?!” (G)ive her a lasso that looks like a goddamned lasso!”

I guess the top half of the costume is fine, and Palicki wears it about as well as anyone could. I don’t mind the pants or the playfulness. What I do mind is that it looks cheap. V. asked, “Um, why is it made entirely out of patent leather?”

As some have pointed out, the costume could look very different on film while the character is in action. I think the biggest missteps are the shiny, bright blue disco pants and the Halloween-quality boots. I mean, this would be a hot look at Dragon*Con, but not on a major TV show.

But whatever my feelings about the costume, I’m still gonna watch this show and I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will be good, despite the iffy script buzz. Some of the casting choices (Elizabeth Hurley!) are quite exciting, so perhaps this is merely a bump in the road on the way to an ass-kicking good time. Hera, are you listening?

16 thoughts on “Diana: Princess of Pleather

  1. I for one am hoping that it will be a good show.
    There are pluses and minuses regarding this outfit for me.
    I understand why the long legging trousers.
    But the shiny kid club plastic look of it all is rathe dire.
    And yes the lasso looks lame.
    I do like that she does not look like she is wearing the US flag though it looks more cosmopolitain.
    I do wish that the actor was a little more toned as she is not very athletic looking. She does not look like a warrior trained or the best warrior in the world which Diana is.
    And as for Liz Hurley she is a bad actor I just hope that it all bodes well with her as Veronica Cale,
    I love the actor playing Etta Candy she was great in Death Proof.
    But as for the guy playing Steve Trevor I have never seen him act but he does look like what Steve would look like but he is NO BRUCE WAYNE! ;) (no one is)
    And I have to say that I adore Cary Elwes ever since I saw him in The Princess Bride, sadly he is too old to play Steve in this re-vamp but if they were doing the older Steve in the comics then I would say yes to him playing the role!
    I am going to watch this as I love Diana and I want her to get her most deserved props, even if it is done via a skewed tv show. ;)


  2. I honestly can’t believe so many people are hating on this so vehemently. Oh wait, yes I can. As Abraham Lincoln said: “You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please fanboys.”

    But seriously, if the biggest gripe is the material and level of shine, then I hate to burst your bubble, but 1) it is one image lit with the most high intensity studio lighting imaginable. (the same conditions the ‘Halloween Costumes’ everyone compares this to are shot under.) It may have even been (gasp) photoshop ‘enhanced’ by/for EW. This is not how the suit will appear under film-lighting conditions. 2) it was designed for the pilot of a television show. They aren’t going to get an Argentinian rope weaver to hand-braid the tail hair of Lipizzaner stallions for what could conceivably be one single show. Nor are they going to skin baby albino calves for pant leather.

    The costume is pretty darn accurate without being star clad bikini bottoms (which, face it, plenty of folks would have freaked out about too) while still being updated and fresh.

    Is it perfect? What is? But personally I like it. And I don’t see how it’s such a huge departure from the original/expected look of a character that was created by a polygamist bondage fetishist to get people so up in arms!

    I like the pants, I like the stars running down the legs, I like the eagle/breastplate. I like the design, and I want to like the show.

    Now we wait for the writers to piss everyone off.


  3. I don’t hate it either, and I do believe this is a first draft of the cosutme. How many promo shots have we seen where the studio is just testing a look, or reaffirming that the actor they’ve chosen can actually carry the cosutme. The studio may have released an early design shot to generate heat, which has worked like a charm. Like it or hate it, we’re all talking about it here and on Facebook.

    I think I agree more with Hep on the choice of actress though. I think I’d have liked to see someone a bit more…I don’t know, muscular, athletic looking, someone who looks like she could kick your ass over the wispy model/actress-looking Palicki. Wonder Woman is a warrior princess first and foremost. Can she at least look like she’s been training in armor with a sword and shield all her life? And would it have killed them to pick someone with at least an ounce of Mediterranean blood (maybe I’m just a tad biased, but whatever) in their veins? Themyscira (if Wikipedia can be believed) traces its roots to Ancient Turkey.


  4. Gah! My eyes! My eyes! They burn from the shine!

    Overall, the costume isn’t THAT bad–one has to consider that most, if not all, superhero costumes end up looking kinda ridiculous when they make the transfer from page to the small/big screen (unless you have a near endless budget and can get your hands on quality gear, which most TV shows don’t have). It could be worse, much, much worse… (Silver Age Wonder Woman, anyone?)

    My biggest issue is the shine factor–I’m hoping that won’t be doubling as a mirror during the show. The pants…meh…a darker shade of blue would’ve been nice. Better yet, just use the Jim Lee pants…can get rid of those cheap hooker boots in the process… Honestly, the costume doesn’t scream “I”M CHEAP!”, but it does come from behind, poke you, and whisper it in your ear a few times before sauntering off. (Again, budget concerns.)

    I do plan on watching the show, all the while keeping in mind how hard it is to bring comic books to life and that some aspects in a character’s story do translate poorly to live action. I will understand if ‘important’ details have to get cut–Wonder Woman has a full back story which would be difficult to squeeze into a 2 hour TV movie or a 1 hour show. Even the Wonder Woman animated direct to DVD movie from a few years ago fudged a few details with the character, but it was more or less faithful to her. Hopefully, as I’m watching the premiere, there won’t be a lot of “wtfs?!” or “wths?!” flying out of my mouth, or that I won’t end up sitting there, frothing at the mouth, quietly seething in my nerd-rage as I did during a certain Halle Berry movie…

    Though, from what I’ve heard of the script, I’m due for another repeat performance.


  5. Heh. The fact that people sat through Heroes from start to finish – and the Cape – rather disincentivises them to make a good superhero show.

    That said, it is shiny. But then again, I work in studios all the time, and they give very different reflections of what you’re looking at than normal lighting on a normal camera. (A more accurate look, but maybe not a more TV accurate look.)

    My main issue is the face. I don’t remember Palicki having that… featureless face, and my gut instinct is that there was serious photoshop going on there (the edges around the hair etc). In fact, my first impression was the check the comic books, as I couldn’t remember if Wonder Woman wore garish red lipstick. Turns out, yes, yes she did.


  6. Yea Gads! I watched only the first and half of the second season of Heroes! That show just began to hemorrhage crap after awhile and I just could not abide it!
    As for the Cape it did try but lord love a duck did it fail! :(
    My only concern with this new WW show is that it does not bite the big one per se and creates maybe a new and curious fan base for the character who will then buy the comic and will eventually want a good film about Diana.
    This is my fervent hope. :)


    1. Andrew, for the record I only sat through the premier of the Cape, but point well taken and I am truly sorry. My stubbornness to hang on in the hopes that NBC was actually going somewhere with Heroes was the only thing keeping me watching.

      Hep, I finally sort of gave up 1/2 way through that last season, then felt guilty for abandoning what I’d once considered one of my favorite shows and watched everything I’d been DVR-ing. Stubborn and guilt-ridden: quite the one-two punch.


      1. but yes, I do hope this show succeeds. I have a hard time fathoming the studios not seeing potential in WW considering some of the crap they do pass through to the big screen.


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