Well, this is more like it. They’ve ditched the fugly pleather, light blue pants and brought back the snappy red footwear. The tiara isn’t my favorite, but overall, this costume is definitely an improvement. I can see how it could look fun on television, and I’ll bet you a Starbucks Americano that the dinky lasso is going to have some CGI oomph on screen. I can’t imagine that the studio is going to adopt Christmas garland as one of Diana’s most powerful weapons.

Some have said that Adrianne Palicki isn’t buff enough to fill Wondy’s boots, but she looks plenty lean and mean in the published action scenes. I’ve never had a problem with her in the role. Besides, everyone looks more substantial on film, and I’d rather we didn’t continue the tabloid tradition of picking apart an actress’ body. Palicki looks game and energetic, and that’s encouraging. To all who insisted that the previous costume wasn’t the final product, you totally called it. You told me so!

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10 thoughts on “Upgrade!

  1. A big improvement on the original design they showed us.
    And Yes Adrianne does look like she can move convincingly!
    I hoping sunshine and roses for this show because I want good play for WW/Diana! :)
    If the show does well she will have a bigger fan base and people will (hopefully) buy her comic and go see the upcoming movie that I hope that they make!


  2. It’s an improvement and I still have faith in DEK’s ability to tell good, if quirky story.

    As far as the actress herself, well Lynda Carter has given her the stamp of approval and that is good enough for me.


  3. I don’t understand. Have they ditched the Paradise Island origin in favor of making her a time-traveler from the War Between the States? I guess she should always have a little cowgirl in heart, which would be right behind the breast that is guaranteed to flop out at some point during filming.


  4. Frank – you called it!

    I’m just appalled that her boots and corset aren’t the same colour red.
    They need work in writing believable female characters ;)


  5. I don’t see so differences,apart from the boots(right color now)and that the pants seem clothes instead of plastic.What I would like to know is how will it be on screen.I hope they don’t make a soap opera with superpowers,like some Smallvile episodes with Lana.


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