E. and I had a grand time chatting it up with Jimmy at Heretical Jargon. We talked favorite artists, kick-ass characters, all that is currently Wonder Woman, a little Green Lantern, shout-outs to Shag and Dana, The Flash is faster than Superman ;-) , and other random comic fodder.

For those who missed the live conversation, you can download the recorded version HERE.

5 thoughts on “Podcastin’ … Yo

  1. That was really good! I loved it! It was totally worth sitting in my dorm room and knitting for two hours while I listened. :P
    I now have about seven tabs opened on my computer where I wanted to look further into something or someone you referenced and a list of comic book titles that you piqued my curiosity in.
    And just for the record, I agree that Flash is faster. I also think that the JL/JLU Superman was irritating when it came to his powers. Because at some moments he would be nearly knocked out by a single gun blast and then he goes all beast-mode on Darkseid in the finale, talking about how the world is cardboard? Some consistency there would be appreciated.
    Anyway, y’all are a joy to both read and listen to. Great job!


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