Oblivious to our torches and pitchforks, DC is (apparently) pairing Wonder Woman and Aquaman for the upcoming Flashpoint event. Their union will save the world! Whatever. Our investment in BatWondy remains strong and, as should now be obvious, constant.

A while back, I stumbled across illustrator Luckico‘s DeviantArt page and adored many of her pieces. Like all the artists we’ve encountered along the way, she was very nice and genuinely flattered that we enjoyed her work. We corresponded a bit, and the subject of Batman and Wonder Woman came up … leading to the beautiful image above.

I’m a sucker for understated elegance, and Lukico’s interpretation of a Diana-Bruce wedding certainly qualifies. The bride looks radiant and appropriately regal, free of claptrap. No need to gild the Themysciran lily. She’s instantly recognizable (the bracelets), and when I showed the illustration to a friend who doesn’t read comics regularly, he knew exactly who the groom was. “Of course it’s Batman. Look at those shoulders.” It’s enough to send a gal into a fanfic frenzy. Many thanks to the talented Lukico for indulging me.

23 thoughts on “You Are Cordially Invited

  1. very well done. The shoulders of that tux look like he’s got his cape wrapped around him. Now I’m not up to the minute on all the DC watercooler talk, but I thought Aquaman was already married? Is Diana a sister-wife now? Who’s next? Storm so we can make peace between the Marvel and DC universes?


  2. Oh! This was and is so worth the wait!
    Many thanks to the wonderful artist Lukico for doing this!!!!
    This is beautiful and I just wish that DC would give in and do this even if it is done in an elseworld graphic novel!
    I mean come on?? Which glue were they (DC) sniffing to pair Diana and Arthur to save the world????
    I would have accepted Hal the playa Jordon over Arthur Curry King of the Sea and Starkist tuna! And what the dealio happened to Mera??

    Yes I am ranting… but I will stop because I have to let my happy ribbon, wedding day girl out to LOVE this drawing!!! I want to frame it!

    Thanks for this Monday treat E and V!!!
    The way that you support Diana and Bruce you two should be bridesmaids!!! :)

    p.s. more please!


  3. I love all the Bat Wondy love you guys generate. I am seeing more and more BMWW shippers come out of the woodwork lately. Of course there are still the haters but whatever. Don’t they know they can’t fight destiny LOL.

    Regarding Arthur and Diana, first off Mera is dead. One of the released covers showed that. Second it is a state marriage. I get the feeling that the bride and groom don’t even like each other. So I truly doubt there will be any romance.


    1. I think you’re spot-on DaisyJane. Nothing I’ve read so far suggests that this is more than an arranged union, so to speak. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed our campaign!


  4. DC has gone down the BatWondy road before, including an issue focusing on a variety of possible futures Diana visualizes with the help of a device the Martian Manhunter uses to explore the deep subconscious. In every version, one or the other of them deeply changes the other. A Batwoman-like Diana who grimly attacks criminals, a happy, smiling Bruce engaging in romantic banter with Diana while catching crooks (so creepy . . . soooo creepy), etc. In the end, she seemed to decide that they were each so powerful and dominating in their personalities, that one would end up subsuming the other.

    DC has also addressed Aquaman’s feelings toward Wonder Woman. There was a vignette in one issue where young Arthur meets young Diana while she’s swimming in the ocean just offshore of Themyscira, and he seems rather smitten. In another Aquaman comic, Wonder Woman asks him why he seems to avoid being matched up with her in Justic League missions, not realizing he’s touching the magic lasso she’s using to help him rescue a submersible. He admits that part of the reason he avoids her is that it bothers him that she doesn’t seem to take her status as royalty very seriously, but for the most part it’s because he finds her enormously attractive, and it distracts him from the mission.

    I like the BatWondy pairing, but I can see where Batman’s issues could crop up long-term (not to mention Catwoman’s (and Joker’s) jealousy). But I can definitely see the potential in AquaWondy, too. I’m reserving judgment for now.


    1. Those are good points. Also wonder whether DC thinks it can get more mileage out of the teasing than a relationship. Sure is fun to think about, though. I could see it working, but I am totally biased.


  5. Have to agree with Richard, there is that history between A & WW… I wondered if they’d ever follow up on it. Both of Royal lineage, both more-than-Human, and a link between Atlantis and Themyscira works for me… Diana’s just going through a ‘bad boy’ phase with Brucie.

    What? What’d I say?


    1. Diana does not go through phases… :P
      And Bruce is no boy… he’s a man. ;)
      And there may be a minmal history with Arthur but I sure as heck don’t see Diana singing
      “Under the sea” a la The Little Mermaid.
      Arthur may fancy Diana but I do not see it being reciprocated. :)


      1. Sure, Diana goes through phases… tried a secret identity, a dodgy costume… and there’s part of Bruce that’s still a boy, trapped in that frozen moment when his parent’s blood pooled around his knees…

        Anyway, everyone loves a Royal wedding, right? Unless you live in England at the moment, in which case you may be as sick of it all as I am!


        1. I am ever so glad that I am no longer living in the UK at the moment. I could not abide the Royal Wedding frenzy, and its bad enough as it is here in Canada! I feel for you Mark. :)


  6. Well, this just cheered me up bigtime! I better show it to my friend. We had a big discussion while eating sushi about Batman vs Superman when it comes to Wondy:)


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