Squee! of the Week: Bobby Rubio’s Got Talent – and Jokes

It’s obvious that Bobby Rubio (aka Barry Presh) is a gifted illustrator, but it’s his cheeky sense of humor that quickly grabbed my attention. Check the cred: He’s a story artist for Pixar who has worked at Nickelodeon and Disney, and his comics resume includes Wildstorm and Dark Horse. You might be familiar with his creator-owned books Alcatraz High and 4 Gun Conclusion.

His illustrations are full of energy, and the Wonder Woman drawing below is a perfect example. You can practically hear the bullets zinging off of her bracelets, and her expression says, “Bring it!” I do believe she’s smiling. Beautiful color work, too.

Hera help you when you run out of bullets.

Did I mention Rubio was funny? This homage to one of Saturday Night Live‘s best-ever sketches made me laugh out loud — twice. The video that inspired it might have been even funnier if Timberlake and Samberg had dressed like Gambit and Cyclops. I know what Rogue’s getting for her birthday!

He even found a way to drain the last ounce of comedy from Rebecca Black’s Friday video … with Deadpool!

I could totally get behind this version of the Fantastic Four, and you can read Rubio’s explanation here. The expressions on Reed and Johnny’s faces are almost as awesome as She-Hulk’s we’re-running-this-now smirk.

This rendering of the character Guinness (from his comic 4 Gun Conclusion) sizzles – the splattered colors, the sharp edges, the scratchy lines. Brilliant.

Finally, who knew there was an artist who could make one of my least favorite comics couples endearing? Undeniably adorable.

6 thoughts on “Squee! of the Week: Bobby Rubio’s Got Talent – and Jokes

  1. His work is really fun and you can see the skill and the humour involved!
    LOVE this!
    Again thanks E and V for introducing me to someone who’s work is rather talented and nifty! :)


    • My knowledge of the character was limited to the Teen Titans cartoon. I just read some of the comments on his DeviantArt post and understand why now. I didn’t discover comics until AFTER I started dating, so I learned what a real live woman is supposed to look like before my mind was tainted. FYI, the real thing trumps pen and paper hotties any day.


    • You’ve got no reason to hate E. But I will look up some Perez Starfire work to see where you’re coming from.

      And I probably should have concluded my previous statement with “that’s not to say I don’t have a soft spot for a certain southern X-belle. There was something about that white streak, the southern drawl…


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