It’s obvious that Bobby Rubio (aka Barry Presh) is a gifted illustrator, but it’s his cheeky sense of humor that quickly grabbed my attention. Check the cred: He’s a story artist for Pixar who has worked at Nickelodeon and Disney, and his comics resume includes Wildstorm and Dark Horse. You might be familiar with his creator-owned books Alcatraz High and 4 Gun Conclusion.

His illustrations are full of energy, and the Wonder Woman drawing below is a perfect example. You can practically hear the bullets zinging off of her bracelets, and her expression says, “Bring it!” I do believe she’s smiling. Beautiful color work, too.

Hera help you when you run out of bullets.

Did I mention Rubio was funny? This homage to one of Saturday Night Live‘s best-ever sketches made me laugh out loud — twice. The video that inspired it might have been even funnier if Timberlake and Samberg had dressed like Gambit and Cyclops. I know what Rogue’s getting for her birthday!

He even found a way to drain the last ounce of comedy from Rebecca Black’s Friday video … with Deadpool!

I could totally get behind this version of the Fantastic Four, and you can read Rubio’s explanation here. The expressions on Reed and Johnny’s faces are almost as awesome as She-Hulk’s we’re-running-this-now smirk.

This rendering of the character Guinness (from his comic 4 Gun Conclusion) sizzles – the splattered colors, the sharp edges, the scratchy lines. Brilliant.

Finally, who knew there was an artist who could make one of my least favorite comics couples endearing? Undeniably adorable.

6 thoughts on “Squee! of the Week: Bobby Rubio’s Got Talent – and Jokes

  1. His work is really fun and you can see the skill and the humour involved!
    LOVE this!
    Again thanks E and V for introducing me to someone who’s work is rather talented and nifty! :)


    1. My knowledge of the character was limited to the Teen Titans cartoon. I just read some of the comments on his DeviantArt post and understand why now. I didn’t discover comics until AFTER I started dating, so I learned what a real live woman is supposed to look like before my mind was tainted. FYI, the real thing trumps pen and paper hotties any day.


    1. You’ve got no reason to hate E. But I will look up some Perez Starfire work to see where you’re coming from.

      And I probably should have concluded my previous statement with “that’s not to say I don’t have a soft spot for a certain southern X-belle. There was something about that white streak, the southern drawl…


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