Poll: What’s Your Summer Superhero Pick?

Which summer comic-inspired movie are you most excited about?

Are you ready for some superheroes? Thor, the first entry in this summer’s cinema geek-a-palooza, is storming a theater near you on May 6. Hot on his mighty Asgardian heels are X-Men First Class (June 3), Green Lantern (June 17), and Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22). The trailers have ranged from “Holy hell!” to “Hmm,” but I predict they’ll all make a truckloads of cash. While I’m generally a DC gal, I have to say that the Captain America promos have blown me away — far more than the DC/Warner Bros. entry Green Lantern. Of course, I’ll end up seeing them all.

What about you? With the embarrassment of riches headed our way, what superhero flick are you most excited about?

Author: E. Peterman

Mom. Geek. Journalist.

21 thoughts on “Poll: What’s Your Summer Superhero Pick?”

  1. I’m a DC guy too and am really looking forward to GL but I fear it will let me down. I believe Captain America will be the best of them all and X-Man a surprise hit.


  2. I’ve been more about optimistic Green Lantern after the recent footage, but I still have deep doubts about Ryan Reynolds’ ability to not annoy the shit out of me. Marvel hasn’t made a serious fumble yet, so I’m more honestly enthusiastic about Thor and Captain America. First Class… I keep repressing my memory of the cast list, I’m so frustrated with the line up. Maybe it won’t suck.

    However, a friend pointed out something cool: Four superhero movies. Two in the past, one (mostly) in space, one (mostly) in an alternate world (Asgard). Zero superhero movies set entirely on modern day Earth. Rock on, Hollywood, for moving out of your comfort zone.


    1. Lindsay :
      Marvel hasn’t made a serious fumble yet,

      I’d argue the three 3’s with you there (Spidey 3, X-Men 3, Blade 3) but all in all Marvel has made impressive films that stuck with the core of the character they portrayed.
      X-Men I also think will be a sleeper hit. It’s because of the b-list line-up for the most part that I think they can do things in a different way. Banshee? Havok? Gen audience has no idea who these people are so they don’t have expectations, or maybe low ones going in. Anything can happen with this cast, it’s the not knowing which is getting me hyped.


      1. Oh, I just meant Marvel Studios hasn’t made a serious fumble. That only counts Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk; just the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”. Other studios which own the rights to Marvel characters have made some fine movies and some really terrible movies. Hence why I trust Captain America and Thor to be fun movies, but I’m suspicious of anything Fox does with X-Men.


  3. Captain America, Green Lantern, then Thor in that order. I’m waiting to see what the masses say about X-4 before I pay for a ticket. I’m an X-junkie from way back, but other than the 2nd movie was less than impressed with what Fox Studios did with the franchise.


  4. X-Men First Class for sure! Cap looks cool, I think the trailer and stuff for Cap really surprised people…

    Well, DC fans will probably be excited for GL since it’s the only DC O.O I’m not that big on the character but I’ll be there in that cinema seat in any case :)


  5. I voted Captain America. I’ve always been a DC gal, and while I look forward to GL, I think they should never have taken Nathan Fillion from the role. Granted, he’s a bit older now, but that’s beauty of computer editing. I’ll always think of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool {and that’s a perfect match right there!}.


  6. i will be watching Green Lantern as I am a DC Chica! :)
    Then it will be Thor as I wish to see what the big dillio is about casting Idris Elba and then The X-men film, but I will not be seeing Captain “USA” because I just find it way too JIngoistic and not interesting what so ever.


  7. Hep, why the hate on Cap? Captain America has never stood for the ideal of blind patriotism and aggressive foreign policy (the definition of Jingoism) but for the ideals of our national identity (freedom, democracy, equality.)

    I would think the concept of our entire solar system being under the jurisdiction of a foregin totalitarian government body in which we have no representation (the Guardians of OA), and we are arbitrarily policed by a single individual (Hal Jordan) given a weapon limited only by his own imagination and ambition, who is answerable only to that government body (The Guardian on OA know Hal is GL, but us Earthlings don’t) would present a much richer moral dilema than Captain America, an individual whose identity is known to our democratically elected administration and is answerable to the Military, bound by any and all treaties and laws — foreign and domestic — that any other american soldier is bound by, whose only weapons are a Shield (defensive) and his own body which has been enhanced to peak human capability but is still limited by that same peak, and has no official status outside of the military except as a figurehead and poster boy.


  8. Agreed. I don’t know a whole lot about Cap, but he doesn’t strike me as a jingoist. Many American superheroes have some of that in their past, but it’s unfair to judge them based on the way they were written in 1942. Plus, the filmmakers want it to do well abroad, so I seriously doubt they’re gonna make him obnoxious to viewers outside the states.


  9. Ever so sorry but no. I no like Captain God Bless “America”.
    For me as a Canadian it is rather jingoistic in principal and in definition of his name. He is far from a cosmopolitan hero. He is/was based on the American dream ideal and patriotism.
    And that seems to be the big difference between Marvel heros and DC heros.
    Marvel heros are and have been given a tinge of “reality” DC heros are rather fantastic in all of their creations, Superman, Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate and yes Green Lantern.
    Captain America is just too American to and for me and does not pique my interest what so ever.
    And really why should you lot care if I think that about Captain America, you are all going to go see it anyway even if I won’t?
    And as for films that are American made and shown outside of the states you obviously did not watch” Independence Day” in any other country but your own, that film made the other nations look like Idiots just waiting for the USA to save everyone!
    American film makers do not care what other countries think about the USA and they really do not care or know that much about other countries. They promote your country and your patriotism mercilessly even at the expense of a lie, do you recall the WW2 film based on the true story of code breakers that was changed to make it look like the Americans did it and came up with the idea when it was in reality the British? The film was called U-571. And sadly because many do not read as much as they should some will think that is the truth.
    And Peter, Captain America by his nature as a super soldier he is by nature a by product of US jingoism which is as you defined “the ideal of patriotism and aggressive foreign policy.
    And your ideals of your country’s national identity (freedom,democracy,equality) actually do occur else where in the world like say where I live…Canada.
    I do not hate America, your country or Americans, but I am ever so not interested in this film or this comic book character.


    1. No one said you hated America, Hepburn. It’s just a movie and difference of opinion, not a dissection of foreign policy. (As for the jingoism, couldn’t you apply the same to Superman? Truth, Justice, and the American way?) Maybe I’m reading your tone wrong, but you seem to be presuming an awful lot about Americans and American filmmakers in general. There certainly are a lot of rah-rah, blowhard USA-first types, and I don’t like their attitude and worldview any more than you do. However, a good many of us are far more worldly and aware of life outside our doorstep than you’re giving us credit for. We were simply having a fun discussion. About movies. About superheroes. The relentless negativity is tiring, and unnecessary.


      1. Yes E the same could be said of Superman but that no longer seems to be his tagline anymore.
        As for the negativism I just said why I was not interested in the film Captain America and Craig, albeit jokingly, yourself and Peter (who asked me “why the hate?”) questioned me and basically told me that I should not think thus. As for American film makers, the proof they say is in the pudding. I do not think that all Americans know nothing or care nothing about anywhere else, for that would be rather insipid of me, and I did not say that about Americans in general, I said that about US film makers.
        Of course this is all fun, and I was not aiming to be relentlessly negative, I was responding to people who questioned why I feel the way that I do about a particular comic book character.
        In closing it is very hard to convey tone via the internet, but when presented with viable discourse and “argument” I will repsond in kind. But know this and please understand this I wish everyone here pax. And I do love and enjoy this blog. :)


  10. And yeah we have Captain Canuck but we really do not care up here! :)
    If he gets a film I would not see it either.


  11. Despite his name, Captain America is not a one-note do-or-die representative of the US or its culture.

    Oftentimes in Captain America’s history, he has had significant disagreements with US policies and practices. He’s quit the job at least once over those disagreements, and has also been reprimanded for going against the US’s perceived interests.

    Even in his earliest appearances, he was not as much a “USA ALL THE WAY” guy as he was an anti-Nazi guy. “Okay Axis, here we come!”


  12. I’m not big on ‘flying the flag’, but Marvel did well to make Steve Rogers the hero, not CA as such… post-war, he’s been portrayed as a good man with ideals and the desire to make things right, even if it means defying the Govt., or even resigning the CA role. The writers have paired him with women & friends of all backgrounds and nations over the years, he’s more ‘America as it should be’ than ‘My country, right or wrong’.


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