Our darling Gail has a knack for creating new characters. Misfit, Black Alice, Ragdoll, Scandal! All of them awesome in their own right. But no one quite takes the cake like Jeannette.

She was a bit of a mystery when she first joined the Six. We knew she had money, we knew she was friends with Scandal, and clearly she had some super-mojo. Her on-again off-again sleeping arrangements with her darling Deadshot qualifies as one of the most festive “relationships” in the DCU, she certainly is unabashed in her prowess. But, it wasn’t until she released the Banshee on Devil’s Island that we really got to see Jeanette. Not only was her origin revealed, she made Wonder Woman foam at the mouth, yo!

She’s demure yet mutant strong, empowered and classy, she never minces words, and for now, she’s Hungarian. That happens to be icing in my book. Rumor has it, there is much we don’t yet know about the saucy banshee, and I bet the rest of her story is juicy as hell.

All hail, Miss Jeannette!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Jeannette

  1. She is a rather nifty character and kudos to Gail for creating another interesting strong female!
    Thanks for introducing her to me, but to be honest as soon as read she’s Hungarian, I cannot get Zsa Zsa Gabor’s voice out of my head when reading her voice bubbles. :D


    1. Heh. Well, I assure you, not all Hungarian accents are like Zsa Zsa’s. Besides, as “traveled” as Jeannette is, her accent may be all but gone. Does that help?


  2. I initially didn’t like her on principle… it bugs me when poorly defined but powerful characters appear out of nowhere, I always think the writer’s still not worked out the character for themself yet, and will fill in blanks as they come up with ideas… like Faith working with the League, vaguely defined powers, and nobody knew her. Jeannette quickly raised my eyebrow, though, and clearly was a serious lady with a serious history… found myself thinking Deadshot was SO out of his league! Beautiful as she is, I’d still keep a distance!


  3. I have been out of the loop so long (and was never really “in” the DC loop) I have no idea who this character is. But if I’ve learned one thing. If E or V say it’s good, then it’s worth checking out. If Mark chimes in with his stamp of approval, it just reinforces things that much more. And that last picture is gorgeous, one of my favorites to date since I’ve been visiting your page.


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