Friday Favorite: POYO

Hatched from the minds of The Mighty Layman and Rob Guillory, he is a chicken of few words. Well, no words, actually. He is a chicken. BUT! That doesn’t stop him from being one of the greatest comic book characters of all time. Brought to you by CHEW and the letter K (for killer-chicken). On this fine Friday the 13th, I give you  … POYO!

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  1. CHEW is brilliant. Waiting for my friend to lend me vol 3. I hope Poyo doesn’t also have Avian Flu, if so it may be the single most dangerous animal on the face of the Earth next to the shark with LA-ZERS on it’s head.


  2. Okay! Thank-you ever so much Vanessa and E! You have now given me a new role model and icon to look up to and admire! I am enamoured of this chicken!!! MY HERO!! Go POYO :)


  3. Stupid ass wordpress. Anyways I really want to read this comic about it looks hilarious and over all entertaining plus lucha chicken looks like he really kicks ass.


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