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V. and I were all kinds of flattered when we, along with our homie Shag of Once Upon a Geek and Firestorm Fan, were invited to appear on Nerd Lunch: The Web Series. Talking comics and geek culture over coffee and croissants is my idea of a perfect afternoon, and hosts C.T. and Savannah couldn’t have been cooler. V., Shag, and I meet semi-regularly to have lunch and gab about the books we’re reading anyway, so we were camera-ready. Enjoy the shenanigans!

8 thoughts on “Check Us Out On Nerd Lunch!

  1. V and E:

    It was very cool. And again, the quality of the editing and the photogenics of you all really surprised and pleased me. Although I was hoping that ya’ll were going to talk comics on camera at least briefly.


  2. Oh gosh. If the difference between a geek and a nerd really is sociability then it’s no wonder I disappear for a while sometimes.

    Guess you could say I left before my training was complete. Haha.


    1. I guess you can teach an old geek new tricks. I was a nerd for the first half of my life, but I’ve picked up (most?) of the social aspect since college. I love Shag’s comment about pulling out a chair at someone else’s table.


  3. Thanks for being on the show and letting me crash your lunch. It was a blast.

    Glad to see all the positive feedback this episode is receiving. I attribute that mostly to the great guests we had on the show!


  4. Forgive my husband for being such a nerd. Thanks for letting him crash your lunch. :)
    You all were awesome and a lovely addition to the Web Series!
    E: I’m glad you posted that picture of yourself. Carlin said in passing you wore a Star Wars shirt, and I just couldn’t figure it out from the footage! :)


  5. You guys have made my day with all the nice feedback! We had a lot of fun doing the show, and it was nice to finally meet the man behind Nerd Lunch! Janay, that is one of my favorite T-shirts. Luke Skywalker and I go way, way back. :-)


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