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29 thoughts on “The DCnU Cover Gallery

  1. I’m liking the Batman TDK, Birds of Prey, and Frankenstein, Agent covers. I know how E feels about her, but I’ve got to say my favorite is that Suicide Squad pic. This must have taken you all afternoon V. Fantastic post.


      1. oh I know. I don’t know if your blog provider (?) is as glitchy as WordPress. Just embedding one video and a photo is a 2 hour chore some days. My brother tried to post about 10 pictures a week ago and couldn’t do it (they were of me so I’m not too broken up over it). You and E are all about providing for your readers, regardless of the level of frustration. That’s why we all hang out here. Thanks and keep up the stellar work ladies.


  2. I am afraid of the Superman family covers but the Titans cover is absolutly horrible.It seems we are back in the 90’s.


    1. Defiantly back in the90s did you notice the Hawk and Dove and who the artist was! I know that this will all be undone in a few years when the next hot shot with big ideas comes in, but I think I’m done with DC for a good while!


  3. So is that Voodoo #1 woman the one that was on DC nation in black and white, you know the mysterious character a while back…?


    1. You are correct, Grace. They released the Frankenstein cover yesterday, but I just liked the first image more … so, I didn’t update it. Although, I suppose I can add it in addition to.


  4. It’s good to see they are making some effort to give the female characters slightly more sensible costumes… that said between unzipped Catwoman, boobtacular Wonder Woman and WTF Harley Quinn I don’t remain hopeful for this to continue.

    Really like the Batgirl cover despite my MANY issues with the story outline and Barbara’s return to the cowl. Also, despite myself, I like Superman in jeans and boots… a lot more than I should!!!


    1. I really like the phrase “WTF Harley” – and did anybody else notice the crowbar in the Red Hood cover?
      There are a few bright spots, but I have so many questions…
      Where is Huntress?
      Why did they demote Dick?
      I somehow suspect pairing Damian with Bruce is just going to be too much brooding for one comic book.
      Tim Drake’s costume on the cover of TT… the fact that he is now the team founder.
      WHY did they feel the need to renumber Action and Detective Comics? Somehow that upsets me most of all…


  5. I have to say, the Harley Change I am extreamly disapointed in, this characte was created for a cartoon, and Dc has allowed her via video cgame and now in print to be transformed into a knife wielding albino streetwalker.

    The other thing that bothers me is DC made a large part of their Comic-con presentation last year about how important it was to have handicapped chractes in comics, in responce to the discussion on the changes to Arsenal..A year later Barbara is walking and red arrow no longer needs a prosthetic (sp?)
    And costume wise The changes have not wowed me, I dislike the new wonder woman, i thought her suit after loosing the jacket last year was better, Superman in a red belt with some kind of robotic leggin isn’t calling to me. Zatanna , and ivy and canary…I don’t mind costume changes but if you are going to do it…make them worthwhile, not simply for the sake of doing it.


  6. i just discovered you’re G3 website when I was looking for info on the DC revamp and I’m really upset it took me this long to find, b/c it is now one of my top 5 favorites. on a more related note, is it just me or does it seem like these are a bit darker than the current releases? Perhaps its b/c DC is no longer going by the Comics Code Authority, and can get away with it, but I hope its more than just “testing their new boundaries.” also, thanks for posting all of them together as well


    1. WELCOME! E. and I are very glad to have you.

      I’d agree with you, the tone for many of the new books does seem much darker. Perhaps they are taking a cue from other publishers.


    2. Thanks for joining us! The covers do seem darker, and I suspect it’s an attempt to appear more modern and edgy. “This isn’t your father’s Kal-El!” I feel like comics are plenty dark already, but I guess they’re trying to distinguish these relaunched books from their predecessors.


  7. Just found your site! This gallery just saved my night.

    I’m so so so afraid for Supergirl. I love her. I always have.((maybe its the constant hints of her being more powerful than Superman. That just makes my day.))

    I’m not even going to mention Batgirl. ._.

    For the rest, I don’t even know. I’m hopeful for Green Lantern and The New Guardians. My biggest issue with this “Re-Launch” is the picking and choosing of which histories to keep and which to not. I think it makes it all that much more confusing for New Readers.

    PS. This cover does Wonder Woman no favors. >.<


    1. Welcome! Glad you like the gallery.

      I agree, the picking and choosing of continuity is a bit confusing … but the DCU has always been convoluted, in my opinion. Relaunch or not.


  8. The DCU re-launch definitely looks interesting.
    The “Teen Titans” cover looks like Bret Booth’s artwork, which more or less bothers me. The manneristic feel I can deal with, but blending it with traits of comic art from the 90’s… No. I hope he’s not doing anything beyond cover art. I’m happy that Deathstroke is back, although the story makes me pause. (I have no idea how i feel about that)
    Also, is Tomasi writing “Green Lantern Corps”? Or has he been writing other GL story arcs aside from “Emerald Warriors”?

    Thanks for taking the time to post all the covers;


  9. Awesome work. Now to figure out which covers will hold the most future value. Might have to get all to be safe including the 5 variants they’ll print for each series. Thanks for the hard work.


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