Not really, but we have mentioned it many times. It is one of the things I look forward to the most in this world. I am referring to our beloved Geek Lunch.

What is a Geek Lunch?

E. and I used to talk about comics over lunch every week, and it has blossomed into Girls Gone Geek. Over time, our circle widened. Now we have the distinct pleasure, once a month, of discussing comics over a tasty meal with some of our favorite humans.

Who are the characters that make up this special occasion?

E. and I are joined by the cosplaying comic shop clerk, Lindsey, the quick-witted CT from Nerd Lunch, the irredeemable Shag from Once Upon a Geek and Firestorm Fan, the enigma known as Choco Taco (you can call him Terry if you’re feeling froggy), and David, who is doing his thesis on war messages in Superman comics during World War II. We gather to celebrate our joyous and occasionally sarcastic love of comics.

Many times after a rough week at work, I will go to Geek Lunch and find my paradigm completely shifted to the realm of geeky goodness and great company. It never ceases to be awesome.

After one of our fine lunches, I was contemplating the conversation. There are some brilliant and festive voices in this bunch, and wondered how it would play as a podcast.


We wax on and off … and on about DC’s relaunch, the characters we love to hate, and the dollars and sense of digital comics.

Enjoy! We did.

Click here to listen to “Geek Lunch”

16 thoughts on “G3 Podcast: Geek Lunch

    1. Loved it. Hearing the opinions on the relaunch was my favorite. It’s nice to hear what readers think, not just the webmags & news sites spouting the marketing info fed to them.


  1. Very good first podcast! Hope you guys keep it up. You brought up a very good point about the decline in sales, that I have been trying to make for years; it is directly tied to the rise of comic shops and the disappearance of spinner racks! Comics made a lot more money, and were more popular when they were more readily available. When they took comics out of the supermarkets and 7-11’s they lost a huge market. Not every kid can get to a shop, or even wants to be seen going into one, but being able to pick one up at Wal-Mart, or the grocery store is okay. And it broadens the audience, not everyone is comfortable being a called a (comic-book) geek!. Oh, and just for the record I too believe this DC relaunch/reboot will go the way of Zima and Crystal Pepsi!


    1. Thank you for the kind words about the podcast and for listening. I clearly remember the spinner rack. Comics were so much more visible to kids. The industry has a big challenge in making people aware of comics and getting them to seek them out. I really hope they find a solution.


  2. Just listened to the podcast! Considering how much rambling we do during those lunches, y’all did an amazing job editing it down! Really well done! Thanks for inviting me to participate in your first podcast! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    The Irredeemable Shag


  3. Thank you for the podcast ladies. It’s really nice to hear your voices and thoughts on the future of comics. I too remember the spinner racks at the newsstands and candy shops. As your solution for making people more aware of comics, you can take a wack at opening your own comic shop with the classic displays and racks old school style. You could even have your podcast in the store and get some intake from the customers on how they feel about the comic book industry and what they remember and love about comics when they were a kid. I would love…”WOULD LOVE”…to see a Girls Gone Geek shop. Seriously, I’m one step away of cashing in my 401k to see that happen. laters’


    1. Wow, that is incredibly nice of you! I always thought owning a comic shop would be a dream, but I know retail is a hard life sometimes. I am so glad that you enjoyed the podcast and took the time to tell us. Fingers crossed, we hope to do that again soon. Thank you, everyone!


  4. Loved! I really can’t wait to hear more. <3 Please, please, please: Keep them coming.

    [Am I supposed to put a SPOILERS warning for comments?]Ps. Short rant: Not exactly sure how the Xmen movie was "one of the best".. but I admit I need more realism than most((magneto cracking emma's diamond with a bedpost????)). Plus I would've rather kept (seX)avier walking and Erik out of the helmet for another movie to delve further into their relationship.


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