Piggybacking on Thursday’s post, here’s a rundown of the DC comics I’m pulling and/or sampling post-relaunch, and why. It’s a pretty long list, so with a few exceptions, all titles will be retained/cut based on the first three issues. I’m relying on the kindness of my geek friends to sample those not mentioned here. In no particular order:

Action Comics
With Grant Morrison writing, we’re sure to get a thought-provoking, complex story full of unexpected twists and turns. Add Rags Morales’ beautiful art, and you’ve got one striking combination. If anyone can make Superman seem fresh again, these two can.

Animal Man
I have friends who are evangelical about Jeff Lemire’s work on Sweet Tooth, and I trust their judgment. Since I’m quite taken with Travel Foreman’s art, this book is worth a shot.

Justice League
Geoff Johns is a pro at straightforward stories about caped icons, and he’s sure to do this book a solid. Jim Lee’s preview panels looked good, and I’m interested to see DC’s clean-slate take on its flagship superteam.

Justice League Dark
In the hands of a good writer, supernaturals are fascinating. Even within the fanciful pages of comics, they can take a story to places that other characters cannot. I’m very fond of Zatanna and enjoyed my far-too-short time with Madame Xanadu, both represented here. That Yanick Paquette sure can draw.

Wonder Woman
It’s all about Cliff Chiang. I’m not a Brian Azzarello fan, but Wonder Woman is my favorite hero of all time and I’m not gonna kick her to the curb now. Did I mention that Cliff Chiang is illustrating this book?

The Fury of Firestorm
I have no attachment to Firestorm whatsoever, but Gail Simone has magical character-defining powers and an amazing gift for storytelling. It sure doesn’t hurt to have artist Ethan Van Sciver on board.

Because it’s Dick Grayson.

I’ve been fiending for this book for months! Kate Kane is one of the most intriguing characters in the DCU, and J.H. Williams III’s luscious, luminous art could stop traffic. While I’m not familiar with co-writer W. Haden Blackman, I’ve been very encouraged by his comments in interviews. It sounds like they’re going to give her an appropriately freaky rogue’s gallery, and I want to see how she manages the double life she’s chosen.

Batman & Robin
I’ve long been a Peter Tomasi fan, and this is a heck of an assignment: Bruce Wayne is a surrogate father several times over, but how is he going to work alongside his extremely strong-willed, pain-in-the-ass son, Damian? Gotham is so not ready for the badassery.

I don’t know much about the character, but what little I’ve gleaned about half-alien Priscilla Katean sounds fascinating. Plus, there’s that creepy/cool image by artist Sam Basri, who did some nice work on Power Girl. Writer Ron Marz has dropped just enough hints to pique my interest.

Teen Titans
Kooky costumes aside, I’ve got a soft spot for the Titans. When the characters are written well, they make up one of the coolest superteams around. Though the consistently good Red Robin comic is going to that great longbox in the sky, I’m very happy that Tim Drake survived the relaunch and found a home here — feathers, and all.

Next: V. shares her post-relaunch pull list.

9 thoughts on “DC Relaunch Rundown: Part One

  1. Totally with you on your picks here. Just finished reading the first Power Girl trade with Sam Basri’s work, and I agree he’s got a bright future. Ditto Cliff Chiang on Wonder Woman — Chiang rocked Green Arrow and his Justice League: Generation Lost covers, so we know at least the Wonder Woman series will be good to look at. Justice League Dark’s got Peter Milligan, who’s been writing Vertigo comics for years including some of the JLD characters, so I think that’ll work out. And the more I see and read interviews about Animal Man, the better it looks. My initial concerns about the DC Relaunch are mostly gone — I’m optimistic about the good stuff and eager for it to get here.


    1. I’m so glad to hear that you’re optimistic! Some of these books look downright awesome, and while time will tell, I’m keeping an open mind. Looks like we are on the same page.


  2. I will be reading WW mos def, as she is my all time favourite shero and I stand by her through the joy and the jank. As for the others the only one I may check out is Mr. Terrific, because he is such a fascinating character.
    As I said before I do not follow writers or artists as they seem to come and go. I follow characters.


  3. I will continue to invest my money in back issues. My goal is to get every Tim Drake comic (I’m about fifteen short at the moment), and every story arc which ties in to a Tim Drake comic (which consists of hundreds of comics thanks to story lines like No Man’s Land). I’ll probably spend years on this pursuit alone so I’m not all that concerned with the new 52 except for the fact that they cancelled my boy’s series (growls). I might get the Titans since that seems to be the only place where I can find Tim’s ongoing story, but I read an interview with the new Titans writer and I winced at 80 percent of his comments. I do not have high hopes.


  4. I eagerly await your post-relaunch reviews. Everyone seems to be getting a wide variety of books, and I may even be persuaded to check out Legion! I know Batgirl will be good, but I am a bit Bat-heavy as it is.


  5. I would like to my that optimistic,but I can’t.What I’ve seen about Superman,my favorite hero,doesn’t make me happy and I ‘m terrified about the the look of the Titans,a group that deserves to be more lucky that what it has been last years.


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