She’s a bloodthirsty hunter with a crazy streak and some of the sharpest claws in comics. He lived among lions and eventually went so far off the deep end that he bit off an enemy’s face. Even the bravest hero doesn’t want to get caught slipping with Cheetah and Catman on the prowl. (There have been several Cheetahs, but for purposes of this poll, let’s go with Barbara Minerva.) Minerva has a truckload of advantages including superhuman speed, agility and strength, and she demonstrated her gifts with gusto in Secret Six #3. But as many opponents have learned the hard way, you underestimate Thomas Blake at your peril. He has exceptional hand-to-hand combat and tracking skills, and as a Sixer, he is more than ready for an insane and seemingly fatal challenge. How do you intimidate a guy who’s taken a tour of Hell? So, once the fur settled, who would emerge victorious?

9 thoughts on “Cheetah vs. Catman: Who Would Win?

  1. I’m going to have to go with Cheetah, assuming Catman doesn’t have advanced warning of the fight ( and if he did, he’d probably avoid it altogether ). Catman is one of the deadliest knife fighters on the planet, and has fought Batman to a near-draw. However, Cheetah is fast enough get past Wonder Woman’s guard, and WW can see, track, and deflect incoming bullets. She’s just too fast for Catman. If he doesn’t win in the first second of the fight ( which is possible, if he gets the drop on her, but unlikely ), then we would probably get to find out if that costume of his actually can heal deadly wounds like he claims it can.

    The wild card in the fight: Blake seems to have some kind of rapport with wild cats, and to be strongly affected by the pheromones of women who find him attractive ( I mean he licked the Huntress during a waltz — who does that? ). Wrestling could lead to “wrestling” if the fight goes weird. Unlikely, though, as Cheetah has been shown as not finding Catman particularly attractive, although that was when she still thought of him as a tenth-rate loser, so attitudes could change.


    1. This would be a hell of a battle, wouldn’t it? But like you said, Cheetah probably has too many advantages to lose. Catman would come out swinging, and she would have to work for the victory. I’d love for Gail Simone to write an issue based on this question.


  2. It would be fun to watch, but mostly because Barbara would toy with him. Cut, cut, cut. But let him run, let him swing, let him try. When she get’s bored, though, it’s over and over fast.

    Cheetah is flash fast. She’s super-strong, super-tough and has claws that can cut superman. Blade is a man with a knife. A very crazy, tough and skilled man with a knife. But the only way he could win this is by the most perfect ambush.


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