Referring to yourself as a geek is a way of reframing a word that used to be an insult. A geek is someone who is passionate about something, whether it’s comic books or jazz records. It’s not the tired cliche of the awkward man-child who lives in his mother’s basement.

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  1. Amen!! Haha. My friends and I often ‘insult’ each other by calling the other a geek, but the accused always responds with, “Of course I am. What’s your point?”


  2. : ) Geeks are nifty, being a female geek is stellar.
    The basement living man-child you described is a nerd and that is so not nifty.
    Nicely said E! : )


        1. I’ve got to guard my stash. My Transformers are “collectibles” and my kids WILL NOT touch them. I even make them avert their eyes when they walk by.


          1. You can take the nerd out of his mother’s basement…but he will still find a new basement. :P


  3. Well, technically…

    A “geek” is the guy at the circus whose only act was biting the head off a chicken.
    It’s an obscure term, but that is its literal definition.


  4. I think I’m almost as proud to be a geek as I am to be a father. Unfortunately I haven’t always been but I’m glad to be now, and to be standing with an amazing group of people.


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