For a long time, Firestorm was not what you would call a top tier character at DC. And, for a long time, our friend Shag has had a blog devoted to him.  At many a Geek Lunch, I (and everyone else in our posse) have playfully razzed Shag about his Firestorm blog. As much fun as it is to tease each other, well  … the character is something of a big deal now with the likes of Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver on the story and the immensely talented Yildiray Cinar doing the pencils. While I will not be reading the book because even with Gail at the helm, I still don’t care about Firestorm … at all; I will acquiesce and show my friend’s blog some love. Cheers to Shag, and all of you lovelies go and check out

10 thoughts on “Firestorm Fan

  1. See, I am willing to give it a shot for a few issues just because Gail Simone is writing it…..but yeah, she needs to knock it out of the park the first issue or two or else I am dropping it because Firestorm, as a character, sucks ass.


  2. Wow, I feel honored! Thank you for such kind words!

    I love what you’ve been doing here at GIRLS-GONE-GEEK! I remember when this site was just a concept you and E. were kicking around. Look how far you’ve come! You’ve got a gorgeous site with truly thought-provoking content! You’re a geek-media sensation!

    Thanks for remembering us little people. ;)

    The Irredeemable Shag


    1. Thank YOU for all your encouragement and support since we started this thing. (I was gonna say something like, “Flame on!” But then I realized that wasn’t the right character.) I kid! I’m gonna check the book out and read your site regularly for all the expert Firestorm commentary. :-)


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