V. and Bane at Dragon*Con 2010

Two years ago, some friends basically shamed me into going to Dragon*Con. I was going to be in Atlanta anyway, and with my relatives just blocks away from the venue, I had no excuse. They promised me that I wouldn’t regret it.

Before I even made it to registration, I had a total conversion moment. Everywhere I looked, my people were out in full force and rocking every costume imaginable: Obi-Wan, Sailor Moon, Supergirl, Gandalf (complete with an owl accessory!), mohawk Storm, the Ghostbusters and Wolverine had taken over downtown Atlanta, and it was wonderful. 2010’s road trip with V. was even better, and we documented every detail in our posts last year. It’s about that time again: G3 is taking a break as we prepare to hit the road this weekend, but we’ll be providing some colorful commentary via Twitter and Facebook.

Dragon*Con may not be a juggernaut on the level of SDCC or NYCC, but an event that attracts more than 40,000 geeks of every stripe is no slouch. While it’s not a comic book convention per se, it draws some of the industry’s best: Stan Lee, Amanda Conner, George Perez, Brian Stelfreeze and Darwyn Cooke just to name a few. You may have heard of that Neal Adams chap who stopped by last year. Plus, cosplayers bring their A-game to this con. You could have a good time just sitting in the lobby and watching the parade of fandom and creativity go by.

We’ll tell you all about it when we get back!

6 thoughts on “Gone To Dragon*Con!

  1. Have a fabu time and take lots of photos please! : )
    Oh and eat something chocolate because one should always eat chocolate! It adds flavour to fun! ; )


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