5 thoughts on “V. Talks Dragon*Con 2011

  1. Of course. You both lend well to live media. I could see the two of you doing a 10 minute news spot for SciFi channel or something. Like Today in Geek News. Like the old MTV news shorts…when MTV actually played music.


  2. I love Megan Fox quotes because her cluelessness is so substantial that it’s profound. Has Hollywood always been this stupid, and it’s just that it’s compounded it by being noisy about it now? Great rubbernecking!

    I still like Jessica Biel as Wonder Woman, but to go more current and disputably commercial, I’d be cool with Olivia Wilde. I finally saw the unaired TV pilot, and a commentator on my blog rightly pointed out that Adrianne Palicki proved herself a viable Black Canary in that thing.

    I’m glad I listened past the comic book portions. I had some rather disparaging remarks directed at Dana. The guy is really bad at comic book stuff, but he acquitted himself through the political commentary. Vanessa carried the first 45 minutes on her back. I think GGG should look into podcasting on their own. V had good flow and plenty to talk about on her own, and I bet Erika would be a better partner.


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