One has arachnid-derived superpowers and exceptional intelligence. The other graduated with honors from Batman’s School of Hard Knocks. Peter Parker and Tim Drake are both highly capable crime fighters with a surplus of combat experience and brain power, and they’re both so doggone likable. Peter’s super-strength and agility, combined with his spider sense and web-shooting are formidable enough, but he also knows how to out-think his opponents. Tim may be an even sharper detective than his mentor, and he’s usually a step (or five) ahead of his foes. He’s also fierce in a battle. But in a face-off between Spider-Man and Red Robin, which young hero would take the title?

12 thoughts on “Spider-Man vs. Red Robin: Who Would Win?

  1. Spider-man may have super-strength and agility, but Red Robin has the smarts on knowing how to take down an opponent with superpowers. He’s very high-combat trained & ready. Tim may get bruised up a little fighting hand to hand, but then again, he has all types of gadgets on his side. One gas pellet or spray to the face and Spidey goes down.
    If Peter was to invest in gadgets like Red Robin or Batman for that matter, then he has a better chance.


  2. True, I am thinking pre-relaunch Tim! As many advantages as Spider-Man has, I think this tough to call. Red Robin has been trained to take on people who are much more powerful than he is, but it could also be over pretty fast depending on the circumstances.


  3. I’d go with Spider-Man, assuming neither one had time to prepare or foreknowledge of the fight. Spidey is faster, stronger, has a danger sense, and has trained in hand to hand combat with Wolverine and Iron Fist (albeit only recently). Add in being an unconventional genius smart enough to occasionally wow Tony Stark and Reed Richards, and you have a potent combination.

    With prep time, the advantage could go to Drake. He has research skills and access to technology that could negate some of Spidey’s advantages. For instance, Marvel has had several foes use chemical means to suppress the Spider-Sense. Drake could plausibly discover and replicate one of those formulas. He hacked the Bat-Computer; how good could J. Jonah Jameson’s computer security be in comparison? Since Drake has had more combat training, and Spidey is used to relying on his danger sense to avoid getting tagged, the hand-to-hand advantage swings wildly with just that one change.

    Of course, since they’ve both lost father figures to senseless crimes, both have an over-developed sense of responsibility, and both have a low tolerance for people trying to mess with their heads, the real loser would be whoever tricked them into fighting in the first place. :-)


  4. I’m going with SpiderMan. He’s made his career on taking down bigger and stronger opponents relying on his wits, superhuman reflexes, and speed. And he’s got the taunt down to a science. Not to mention the fact that the kid is a fellow geek. Got to side with the home team on this one.

    Robin is amazing, but this is like that episode of Teen Titans…or fill in the blank with just about any other team-based show, where the opposing team has a member perfectly matched to take down each of the Titans. Spidey and Tim are both aerialists (to coin a wrestling phrase). Martial arts are a great tool, but vs. super strength, reflexes, and Spidey’s built-in early warning system? I think Tim will have to have some amazing surprises in that belt of his to pull out a win.


  5. You must be kidding. Robin is just a well-trained regular guy; Spider-man can lift up to ten tons. He is also incredibly agile and virtually impossible to hit thanks to his sixth ‘spider’ sense which gives him advance warning of danger. If he really unloaded on Robin he’d kill him with one punch; he always has to hold himself back fighting normal humans. Superman would be a different story, I wouldn’t give Spider-man much of a price in that one.


  6. red robin he was trained by the greatest hero of all time batman has gone toe to toe with superman with and without kryptonite and in any comic you find he speaks of how much smarter and more resourceful tim is than the first robin not to mention his gadgets the blade of the birdarangs he uses are a titanium alloy like the cape so it would cut spidermans webs spiderman couldn’t even get away all members of the bat family have spectral analysis goggles to track or uncover clues PS explosives nitrogen capsules smoke pellets staff grapple and added weapons batman Doesn’t even have if you guys didn’t notice the harness acts as an extra utility belt


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