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By now, anyone who has anything to do with comics, sci-fi or gaming ought to know that women are a big part of those worlds. There’s an entire con devoted to us. The fact that some still think of us as unusual astounds me, but I guess many people outside the culture have hopelessly outdated notions of what a geek is.

In direct response to the perception that ladies don’t know Loki from Lucifer, my LCS held a festive “Unicorn Party” last week. The name was inspired by a Gail Simone tweet in which she jokingly referred to a conversation between herself and three female writers/artists as, well, a unicorn party. Simone has addressed this subject several times, and she’s clearly amused by the idea of female comic book readers as mythical creatures. The owner of my LCS knows that we are legion, and he threw the party to bring us together while showing the world that women are just as passionate about comics as the menfolk. The place was packed, and there were plenty of guys there, too.

It was great to see so many people inside a comic shop buying stuff. The industry isn’t exactly booming, and no one knows that better than the small, local retailers who sell comic books. Best of all, some people brought their children. I chatted with a little girl who was clutching a stuffed Batman toy, and her mother said that some kids tease her for carrying it around. We had a really nice conversation about the books we grew up with and the joy of sharing comics with our kids. Geek moms rule.

I usually dash in and out of the shop on busy days, so it’s not often that I see so many of my fellow female customers at once. It did my heart good to meet some of them and to celebrate our shared love of a magical medium.

4 thoughts on “Unicorns United

  1. That little girl is COOL for carrying her batman around with her! Glad the mum was supportive. It reminds me of that picture from some girl’s ‘princess party’ where one of the girls is wearing a batman costume. Rock on!


  2. Gail, you would have loved it! I wish I could have stayed longer and bought even more comics. Maybe you can come down next year. ;-)

    And Kiraten, I couldn’t agree more. I told that kid that Batman was awesome, and so was she.


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