Phoenix by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

6 thoughts on “Phoenix

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  1. This is a stunning drawing!
    I also love Artgerm’s drawing of Wonder Woman too.
    He captures the power and grace of female supers skillfully! : )
    Nice choice V! : )


  2. Phoenix: Is she Jean Grey, amplified or the potential that Grey suppresses to maintain her humanity? Is she a cosmic entity, the passionate creative polar opposite to Galactus’ unfeeling destruction, who possessed Jean Grey (or replaced and revived her)? Is she both, or something else entirely? Yes, no, and maybe.

    Phoenix: primal yet complicated, and tied for first place in the “wearing a waist sash but somehow making it work” category with Iron Fist (and oddly sharing the same color scheme, too). :-)


  3. Love it… I’ve always liked Phoenix, and that’s really nice work!

    (Um, V.? A while back I suggested a change to your ‘half crazy, half awesome’ tag, but I only just noticed the new ‘Your friend and lover’ line… it’s very bad of you to tease, and inflame the fantasies of defenceless geeks, y’know!).


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