Our Geek Lunch crew had a lot to chew on this month after the first wave of DC’s relaunched titles hit the stands. In this episode, V. and I, along with Shag of Firestorm Fan and our pal Terry M., discuss and debate everything from Animal Man to Voodoo. As usual, it’s a highly spirited conversation with a plenty of laughs. So pull up a chair and join us, won’t you? Note: The lingo is semi-spicy, so keep that in mind if the kiddos are within earshot. Click here to listen to the podcast.

A special thank you to our friend, Dana, for hosting the podcast at his site –  StimulatedBoredom.com.

4 thoughts on “G3 Podcast: The DCnU Roundup

  1. Thanks for having me on the show again! Great company, great conversation, and great food!

    Wonderful job on the editing! Although you edited out my 20 minute speech about the awesomeness that is Firestorm!?!?! ;)

    Keep up the great work!



  2. Sorry ladies and gentle Shag, but I couldn’t make it past the ten minute mark. Too much ambient noise and muffled voices. I couldn’t focus.


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