For whatever reason, many the comics I’ve been reading lately are firmly planted on the dark side. There may be elements of humor and playfulness, but sometimes I need a drink by the time I’ve waded through my weekly stash. That’s one reason I was so very delighted to see issue #3 of Reignbow and Dee-Va, writer Brian Andersen’s series about two besties who happen to be the most fabulous demon-slayers ever. I had no idea how much I’d missed them until Dee-Va — the saucy female half of the team — uttered the words, “We ready to fang-slap some monster bitches or what?” Yes. Yes, we are!

When last we saw R&D, their beach vacation was rudely interrupted by zombies and a grumpy siren who temporarily turned Reignbow’s boyfriend, Treasure, straight. That was a big no-no, and many faces were cracked in grand style. This installment, “Ware-Mo’s and Vamp-Queers,” finds the trio on the hunt for the Queen Vampire responsible for Treasure’s temporary conversion, and she’s a nasty, tentacled thing who has unsavory plans for Reignbow’s man.

Unfortunately for the Queen and her minions, Reignbow and Dee-Va are armed with action hero moves, razor-sharp trash talk, and some seriously effective Benefit face powder. It’s a riot thanks to Andersen’s hilarious one-liners and strategically placed pop-culture references. Personally, I think the term “ho-bag” should be used much more often to describe comic book villains.

Co-creator and illustrator Celina Hernandez has the kind of festive, “Ta-da!” style that this book demands. I mean, when was the last time you saw a multicolored bouncy house in an action comic? There’s also one panel that contains one of the most giggle-worthy and unexpected Wonder Woman references in recent memory.

The beauty of this comic is that it has absolutely no fear of going over the top, either in the Did-He-Just-Say-That? dialogue or the naughty flamboyance of its characters. Red leather catsuit? Check. Tight white shorts and lace-up boots? Check. There’s nothing subtle about Reignbow and Dee-Va, and I love them for it. Sparkle on!

Many thanks to the Every Day is Like Wednesday blog for putting this comic book on my radar back in 2008.

2 thoughts on “Comic Judgment: Over the Reignbow!

  1. Thanks for sharing this E! You and V always introduce me to new comics and characters that I always want to check out!
    I am forever in your debt for tell me about “Fables” and “Strangers in Paradise”! I love those two series and I will mos def look for this one! : )


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