Comic Judgment: Over the Reignbow!

For whatever reason, many the comics I’ve been reading lately are firmly planted on the dark side. There may be elements of humor and playfulness, but sometimes I need a drink by the time I’ve waded through my weekly stash. That’s one reason I was so very delighted to see issue #3 of Reignbow and Dee-Va, writer Brian Andersen’s series about two besties who happen to be the most fabulous demon-slayers ever. I had no idea how much I’d missed them until Dee-Va — the saucy female half of the team — uttered the words, “We ready to fang-slap some monster bitches or what?” Yes. Yes, we are!

When last we saw R&D, their beach vacation was rudely interrupted by zombies and a grumpy siren who temporarily turned Reignbow’s boyfriend, Treasure, straight. That was a big no-no, and many faces were cracked in grand style. This installment, “Ware-Mo’s and Vamp-Queers,” finds the trio on the hunt for the Queen Vampire responsible for Treasure’s temporary conversion, and she’s a nasty, tentacled thing who has unsavory plans for Reignbow’s man.

Unfortunately for the Queen and her minions, Reignbow and Dee-Va are armed with action hero moves, razor-sharp trash talk, and some seriously effective Benefit face powder. It’s a riot thanks to Andersen’s hilarious one-liners and strategically placed pop-culture references. Personally, I think the term “ho-bag” should be used much more often to describe comic book villains.

Co-creator and illustrator Celina Hernandez has the kind of festive, “Ta-da!” style that this book demands. I mean, when was the last time you saw a multicolored bouncy house in an action comic? There’s also one panel that contains one of the most giggle-worthy and unexpected Wonder Woman references in recent memory.

The beauty of this comic is that it has absolutely no fear of going over the top, either in the Did-He-Just-Say-That? dialogue or the naughty flamboyance of its characters. Red leather catsuit? Check. Tight white shorts and lace-up boots? Check. There’s nothing subtle about Reignbow and Dee-Va, and I love them for it. Sparkle on!

Many thanks to the Every Day is Like Wednesday blog for putting this comic book on my radar back in 2008.


  1. Thanks for sharing this E! You and V always introduce me to new comics and characters that I always want to check out!
    I am forever in your debt for tell me about “Fables” and “Strangers in Paradise”! I love those two series and I will mos def look for this one! : )


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