Happy Halloween, lovelies. E. and I have been doing the blog now for two years. In that time, I’ve learned that I am what I would call a conversationalist. Because of this, I’ve found that bursts of whatever is on my mind seem to flow the best for me. In an attempt to capitalize on this little neurosis, and to have more interaction with you fabulous people, this is a new (hopefully regular) piece I am going to try. A stream of consciousness essay on whatever happened during the week in my world as it pertains to my most favorite thing IN the world … comics.

“Y” Did I Wait So Long?
I finally got around to reading Y: The Last Man this past week. I devoured all ten trades in three days. I’m obsessive like that, and it is so good. Y is a shining example to the non-geek world of what comic books are capable of.  I am so impressed by it that I’d venture to say it is probably one of the best things I have ever read, prose included.

Even though it took me far too long to read the series, I always knew that I would. Therefore, I went out of my way to avoid spoilers. I even walked out mid-panel at Dragon*Con because they were about to embark on some critical analysis of the story. I have no intention of spoiling it for any of you who haven’t gotten around to reading it.

I will say that the the social commentary of Y is a force to be reckoned with. Vaughan creates a matrix of thought-provocation that reads as a brilliant saga of the human condition. Y: The Last Man is a must read.

This Week’s Stash
Blackhawks #2, Justice League Dark #2, Voodoo #2, 27: Second Set #2, Pilot Season: The Beauty #1, Vescell #3. I’ve only read two of those. 27: Second Set and Voodoo. I was busy reading Y.

Artists To Watch
I’ve got to show some love here for Roc Upchurch, the creator of our avatars. He’s the artist on the Image book, Vescell. His work is beautiful. His style is stellar. Check the book out. Please.

27: Second Set picks up where 27 left off. Same writer and artists. I really liked 27 the first go round. It’s a good premise, the story is interesting in a weird and quirky way. But the art is what I look forward to. Renzo Podesta, who does the interior art, has such a unique style. It is somehow gritty and clean at the same time. He’s got some of the interiors up on his blog, check it. Comic book publisher people, please give him more work.

Cover artist Scott Forbes is bloody fantastic. I have kind of been obsessed with his stuff since Forgetless. I even dished out a little extra cash at Dragon*Con this year for a first printing of 27 #1, just for Scott’s cover art.

What Do You Do Voodoo? No. Seriously. What?
There was tons of backlash over the first issue of Voodoo being set in a strip club.  I read the first issue, and I didn’t have a problem with the strip club. Maybe it wasn’t necessary. Perhaps it all could have gone down in a Publix, but I thought the setting worked with the story.  It felt organic for the character (maybe I’m sexist). I don’t know that much about her, but I think it’s part of continuity past as well. On the other hand, there are some valid points about the whole stripper thing being no bueno, especially since Voodoo is one of not-enough-brown-people in the DCU. Even with valid points and all, I still think issue #1 got judged way harsh.

Issue #2 hit stands last Wednesday, and that cover is not doing this book any favors. What are you trying to do here DC? I suppose the cover could have been done before issue #1 was even released. Maybe you guys didn’t have the foresight to know you’d piss off thousands of fan people. Look, I LIKE John Tyler Christopher’s art. His covers for Artifacts have been pretty awesome. Even met the guy last year … at Dragon*Con (Dragon*Con on the brain), and interviewed him about said Artifacts covers. We talked at length about the importance of portraying women in an empowering light. So how the fuck do we end up with this?

Art by John Tyler Christopher

Because the image is hot? Is, “he is a guy, after all” an adequate explanation? She looks beautiful, and her breasts … look fake. And gratuitous. And distracting. And what is this book about again? Oh. A reptilian alien-chick trying to save her species or something. Sure.

You can read my rapid review of Voodoo #2 over at Newsarama.

7 thoughts on “Stream of Comicsness – Week of 10.26.2011

  1. Didn’t read it. But from what I gathered about the first issue its a Stripper who turns into a monster (alien, deamonite, whatever) and eats some dude getting a lappy. I am sure there are those who will tell me it is about so much more than that, and there is history and backstory and a developing plot, and whatever. But bottom line is, she is a stripper, she truns into a monster, she eats someone getting a lapdance.

    There is more Freud here than you can shake a stick at. (And Freud was very concerned about what we shook our sticks at.)


    1. She doesn’t eat him. She just kills him. He’s a federal agent who’s figured out her secret alien origin and was going to have her killed and dissected, so you might even call it self-defense.

      All the characters in the book are 3-dimensional (insert penis/breasts joke here), including the other strippers, who don’t get much face time (insert joke).

      The second issue is mostly strip club-free, except for a scene with the CSI-type folks looking at the dead fed’s body and the crime scene.

      I suspect Freud had mommy issues.


  2. I will mos def check out “Y: The Last Man Standing”, because you and E have yet to steer me wrong with any of the books/series that you have recommended.

    As for Voodoo. I have heard about this book. It being set in a strip club does not bother me as long as it is in context to the story, and not just some gratuitous excuse.
    I will try to give issue one a gander and see how I feel about the character. I am a not thrilled that the next female of colour DC comic book heroine is an Exotic Dancer, but like I said I will give the book a chance read and see how I feel about it.
    As for the breasts, they look like they were “borrowed” from Selina Kyle and they should have their own FBI id.
    (just a tad much I think)


  3. The first time we ever met Voodoo in Jim Lee’s Wild C.A.T.s # 1 she was in a strip club. The character has always been a stripper. When ever the WildC.A.T.s would dispand she would go right back to stripping. And there was nothing wrong with that. Strippers are doing God’s work here people God’s work!


  4. In all fairness, some girls have big boobs. Is it necessary?.. no. Is it that big of a deal? No. Especially if her profession is a stripper… A stripper with big boobs, how is that surprising?

    Now we SHOULD have average looking heroes from time to time. Yet, when you look at TV when does that EVER happen? Come on people… be fair. Comic art is its own medium with its own stigmas… give it tim.e


  5. The comics industry seems to continue to market to whom they consider to be their target audience: teenage and 20 something boys. I think the decision to showcase Miss Kitaen and her girls on the cover is purely margin-driven, because no matter what industry you’re from, the people making the decisions don’t ever seem to care:
    1) who they piss off or alienate as long as there’s positive cash flow
    2) how many steps backward or forward a decision takes them as long as there’s positive cash flow
    3) what the fan base thinks as long as there’s positive cash flow, and
    4.) how the character in question came about her implants as long as they’re falling out of her top and lightly seasoned with droplets of glistening sweat, water (rain or fresh from the shower, surprise us) or even arterial spray.

    Keep up the good fight, because eventually somebody will hear you. Keep calling them on it, keep hounding them about it, and stop buying the titles. Hit them where they understand the message, square in their wallets.


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