Today marks the two-year anniversary of Girls Gone Geek. As far as passion projects go, I would say that this has been as rewarding as they come. G3 has been a creative outlet, a social forum, and a place to be who we want to be … ourselves. E. and I are beyond grateful that you deem us cool enough to spend a bit of your time here.

Many of you know that I am not a life long comic reader. I only started about five years ago. Erika has been geekin’ her whole life (brave girl). As cliché as this sounds, I’d finally found where I fit when I started reading comics and hanging out with folks of like mind … such as Erika. With the big boom in the popularity of comics, there probably exists more validation now than for comic lovers past. While mainstream media has decided that “geek” is chic, we are certainly enjoying riding that wave. But I have a sneaking feeling that we’ll still be ranting and writing about all the wrongs afflicted on our Diana and the awesomeness that is CHEW after comics have worn out their Hollywood welcome.

I suppose I can’t say that we will be doing the blog forever, but we have no intention of going anywhere any time soon.

For better or worse, we love our comics and we love you guys for reading and commenting.

Geeks for life, love and the pursuit of the perfect Canary costume.

19 thoughts on “G3 Anniversary: To Many More

  1. A very Happy Anniversary to GGG and to you both E and V!!
    I hope that there will be many more to come and that they are all stellar!
    Thanks for making this blog and fun and special place! : )


  2. I am happy for you both. You ladies are following your dreams of writing and satisfying comic readers from all over. Congrats and here is to many more years of both of you writing for G3!


  3. A little late, but Happy Anniversary! I’ve been following this site since I became interested in comics, and the two of you have definitely helped in keeping the comic world fun, sassy, and anatomically correct! Thanks a bunch, and here’s to many more great times!


  4. I said it before and I’ll say it again, again and again and over and over again, ’til I’m blue in the face and 100 years old hooked up to a machine with my last dieing words…


  5. Well played, ladies! It’s been a gas, and I’m looking forward to much more… keep the thoughts, articles, and features coming, and I’ll keep coming back! Congrats on the anniversary, and here’s to the next!

    Oh, and Vanessa? About that perfect Canary costume… I’m still waiting… ; D


  6. Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite bloggers and no’s 4 and 5 of my top 5 favorite she-geeks. Sorry, Mrs. D and my two girls take the top three spots…….for now. We’ll see if my Unicron shows up for Christmas.


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