6 thoughts on “E. is Letting Her Black Geek Girl Flag Fly

  1. Huzzah and thanks for this Erika!
    I loved what you wrote because I could relate to it on so many levels!
    I was and am a black girl geek growing up and living the same time as yourself but in Canada.
    I only difference I would say between your experience and mine is that I was big into StarWars, Wonder Woman, Batman and the Lantern Corps, but I also had a big thing for fashion, couture, museums, art and Audrey Hepburn. So it was rather hard for people to see my likes and accept that I loved them all.
    It worked for me and still does.
    You just got to be you! And I am glad that you are you and that your kids and your friend’s kids have a good strong black female geek role model!
    Thanks again for sharing your path! : )


  2. Nice piece! And I love that you’re asked to escort a geekling to the comic shop, steering them the maze of options! You should wear a hat, get ‘Geek guide’ printed on it… ; )


  3. What an amazing post!
    Thank you for posting. Much like what was posted here and in response by Hepburn, I too was an uber geek growing, and still am.
    Loved SciFi and comic books as a kid, have been a musician most of my life, with an intense love any/everything John Williams, as well as an ultra history fanatic – be it WWII, military, US, etc.
    Being a black female coming of age in the late 80s/90s in the South who transitioned to a predominately black public school after spending the prior yrs in all-white private academies, I did mask some that to fit in with others, but realized that I wasn’t being fair to others (or myself) by not showing the real me.
    Now, my friends, who are just as diverse with their interests as me, accept me for who I am and I them.
    Being a “geek” or “nerd” isn’t a bad thing nor should those who fit that label feel they need to hide their true personality/loves from others, because there may be far more of us than we know. But, if not, at’s cool as well.
    Makes life more interesting that way.
    Thanks again for the great article!


    1. Thank you, Mishka! It’s been nice to hear from people with such similar experiences, and it sounds like ours were very much alike. I’ve always thought there was something particularly challenging about growing up that way in the South 20-30 years ago. How times change!


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