Omnibus hardcovers. Limited-edition figures. Clever, in-joke T-shirts. With all the tasty treasures available to the modern-day fangirl and boy, it’s a wonder we all haven’t bankrupted ourselves. Thank goodness for Christmas/Festivus/Winter Solstice/Whatever, which provides an opportunity to subtly inform those dear to us that we’d be ever-so grateful if they’d hook us up with those Promethea trades we’ve been eyeing for months. Or that “Kessel Fun-Run” tee that only costs a lousy 25 bucks and would prove that they really love us.

Just in time for the Black Friday feeding frenzy, V. and I have prepared our personal wish lists. Santa, take note.

Star Wars Art: Comics
Star Wars + Comics + Art = Heaven. The talent represented in the second volume of the Star Wars art series is off the charts: Adam Hughes, Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Kubert, Amanda Conner, Paul Pope, etc. This book contains some frickin’ glorious original art and images from three decades of Star Wars comic books. Just watch this video. You’ll want it.

Justin Van Genderen Metropolis Travel Poster
Speaking of art, I fell in love with Justin Van Genderen’s minimalist comics/sci-fi travel posters when I stumbled across them last year. I want every single one of them, but if I had to choose, I’d go with this striking print of Superman soaring over the Metropolis skyline. Simple and perfect.

Wonder Woman Cuff
Do I even have to say why I want this? nOir Jewelry’s entire DC Collection is the business, but this big, bold cuff is a particularly gorgeous statement piece. The star design makes it look almost animated, and I imagine it’s the last thing a super-villain would see right before getting knocked out cold. Lasso not included.

Local Deluxe Hardcover
This critically acclaimed series of 12 individual but interconnected stories has been on my Want List for a while. I’m a big fan of Ryan Kelly’s illustrations, and Brian Wood definitely has a way with absorbing, emotionally resonant narratives. When I saw the deluxe hardcover in my comic book shop, I knew that it was destined to someday be mine.

Robin Socks
My favorite sidekick(s) get some kitschy love with these over-the-top socks, complete with a little yellow cape. They’re perfect for puttering around drafty Wayne manor, but I have a feeling Damian would burn them on sight.

A Flight of Angels
My LCS owner told me to take a gander at this fantasy graphic novel, and I was sold the moment I laid eyes on Rebecca Guay’s ethereal cover and lovely interiors. Authors including Bill Willingham and Holly Black contributed to this story about a (literally) fallen, dying angel and the assembled beings who decide what to do with him. Each creature has a different view of angels, and they share their individual stories before final judgment is handed down. Check the enthralling preview.

4 thoughts on “G3 Gift Guide: Part E.

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got those socks as a pressie… my ‘geek’ needs will otherwise likely be met with dvd’s of this years hero flicks or gift vouchers for my local comic store. It’s acknowledged that nobody knows what I like or already have better than me, so it’s rare for anyone to go out on a limb. I could use another pair of Superman slippers, last year’s have reached the end of the road.


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