ANY day of the year will do for the following First World items my heart so desires. If you are interested in sponsoring a small piece of my geek happiness without anything in return besides a thank you, message me. I’m not kidding.

Ame-Comi Heroine Series: Wonder Woman
I should have bought it when it was first released. My comic shop even had one, and I STILL didn’t buy it. Now, she’s harder to find and way more expensive when you do. I’m not big into figurines (although I do have the Ame-Comi Black Canary), but this gem is an ode to one of my favorite moments in comics when Greg Rucka’s Wondy so magnificently slays Medusa. I feel … like I need it.

CHEW: The Omnivore Edition, Volume 2
There are a ton of hardcovers I would like to get my hands on. Literally, a ton. But Image releases the second CHEW Omnivore Edition this December, and I have been looking forward to it for a few months. I will own ALL SIX Omnivore Editions because I love CHEW. You should love CHEW, too.

Wonder Woman Boots
What girl doesn’t want a pair of Wonder Woman boots? No, seriously. WHAT girl? Because if said girl exists, I am respectfully informing her that she is broken inside.

What makes this pair of boots so special? Well, let’s start with the fact that it is the only pair I’ve seen that isn’t made with patent leather and a platform. Also, they are adorable. I could wear these pretty much anywhere. I just dare someone to try and stop me from rocking them at the office on “Jeans Friday.”

Star Wars Chop Sabers
There is a sushi restaurant near my job. I go there about once a week to get me a caterpillar roll. My friends who like sushi are few and far between, so I usually bring my comics to keep me company at the sushi bar. A few of the guys who work there have noticed me reading comics. Thus, they’ve chatted me up regarding Y: The Last Man and how I need to be reading Locke & Key, like, yesterday. I want these nifty little saber sticks, not because of my Star Wars fandom (which may or may not exist), but because  I love sushi, light sabers are awesome, and the guys at the sushi joint will be tickled to death (star).

Hermione’s Beaded Bag
I was super late to the Potter Party, but now that I have arrived … I love the shit out of the series. Full disclosure, I have only read five out of the seven books, but I loved ALL of the movies. Usually it is the other way around for me, preferring book to film. But I could watch them several times and not tire of them. I am not reading the books again. The best part about the movies and the books is Hermione Granger. She is probably one of my favorite characters, ever, particularly because she’s such a smart girl. Hermione is always prepared. I fancy myself a planner of sorts, and when she whipped out her beaded bag that had EVERYTHING in it, I just knew she was a girl after my own heart.

There is an exact prop replica of her beaded bag, and I would love to have it. Aesthetically, it is a bit hippie. BUT if anyone on the streets recognized what it was, they’d instantly qualify to be my best friend.

9 thoughts on “G3 Gift Guide: Part V.

  1. never read the books (the Mrs. has read them all multiple times) but I’ve been dragged to all 8 films and have watched them on DVD and Cable TV ad nauseum. I don’t remember the little bag from the movies.


    1. C’mon, Craig! ;-)

      In the second to last film, when Hermione, Ron, and Harry are on the run; she has the bag. Remember when Ron got his shoulder split coming thru the floo system? She pulled out her bag, and had some healing tonic. Then when they had to set up camp, the tent and everything else … was in the bag.

      Hermione even explains it to Ron and Harry when they are baffled by just how prepared she is. She charmed the bag to make it “bottomless.”


      1. I do remember that now. I’ve only seen VII part 1 twice, once in the theater and once on DVD. I’m sure I’ll be watching it again this month as the kids are getting Mrs. D part 2 on DVD.


  2. I too want EVERYTHING on your list V!
    Well everything except the Hermione bag. Not a fan of Hermione I always preferred Luna Lovegood, she is kind, non-judgmental, loyal and smart too.
    I have read all of the books and seen all the films expect the part 2 of the last one, I can wait.
    But I cannot wait for the other things on your list V! I love and need them too! : )
    Oh and CHEW is amazing!! Thanks for the recommendation! : )


  3. Love the bag for it’s hippieness, and the boots… erm, I just like ’em. What sizes do they come in…?
    It seems to me that you’re not cut out to be a ‘bad girl’… I mean, a sushi bar fly? Of course, you could have a Yakuza boyfriend, for all I know… but you did say you were done with bad boys… right? ; )


    1. Not seeing boots in my size… probably for the best, I struggle with heels! What size are you, then? You don’t want folks sending you boots you can’t wear…


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