5 thoughts on “Isis

  1. Isis is really nifty! I have always liked her, even after her marriage to Black Adam. It was sad how she was killed off though.


    1. Don’t even get me started on how that all went down with Black Adam. I thought she Isis was an excellent element in 52. I LOVED how she softened Black Adam. See, he’s one of my favorite characters. He has SO much potential to be a fantastic anti-hero. But after her death and return (where she became evil), they turned him back into a one-dimensional villain. Truly a waste if you ask me. There was an opportunity to tell an interesting story on morals and ethics … as well as an epic love story.

      Curious, did you ever read Black Adam: The Dark Ages by Peter Tomasi? It was all about him trying to resurrect Isis with a Lazarus Pit. Tragic and rather gruesome story, really. But good. Very good.


      1. No I have not read that story but I will look for it!
        And I too like Black Adam he is a great character with great potential like you said. But I also love the whole Marvel family, I just wish that DC would do something fantastic with them for they are really nifty and special!


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