It’s easy to dismiss Bruce Wayne’s son as an annoying brat, but I think that’s a shallow criticism. There’s a struggle within Damian that is fascinating, and his killer instinct has always been dangerously close to the surface. (Remember last year’s memorable moment, when he bashed the Joker’s head in with a crowbar?) Illustrator Patrick Gleason shows Damian’s dark side in a series of wordless, powerful panels in the relaunched  Batman and Robin # 2. A single bat lands on the boy’s hand and, unaware that Alfred is watching from a distance, he crushes it without blinking. He’s, what, 11?

This act reminded readers that Damian isn’t just a quick-witted twerp but a deeply disturbed child who may be beyond rehabilitation. Gleason and writer Peter Tomasi have painted an compelling, chilling portrait of a character at the crossroads. Wherever Damian goes from here, the journey is sure to be memorable.

3 thoughts on “2011 Memorable Moment: Damian Goes Dark

  1. I know that there are a lot of Damian haters out there and they want the character gone or killed, but I for one love Damian.
    He is sadly the product of his prior upbringing. I have always maintained that Damian is Bruce Wayne but without the love and compassion that he had from his parents, albeit for a short while but he ALWAYS knew that that they loved him a lot, and ultimately from Alfred and Dr. Leslie.
    Damian had Ra’s and Talia as parental role models, that would have messed up Shirley Temple!
    I truly miss the pre 52 Damian who had a good role model in Dick and also the big sister and twerpy little brother relationship that he had with Stephanie as Batgirl.
    I just hope that who is ever writing Damian that they do not go down the cliched serial killer in training trope because that would be jank and Damian deserves better than that.


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