I’ve seen a lot of crazy, disturbing stuff in comic books. However, I was not at all prepared for the nightmare scenario writer Nick Spencer and Christian Ward laid out in The Infinite Vacation #3. Don’t get me wrong; TIV is a highly innovative series about about a society in which people can purchase alternate lives at the push of a button. Spencer’s story is thought-provoking and Ward is an amazing artist who does things in panels I’ve never seen before. (Stop reading now if you have a delicate constitution.)

So I’m bopping along, happily reading the last issue when — sweet, fancy Minerva, is an evil version of the main character raping/torturing/cannibalizing other incarnations of himself? I called V. and babbled something along the lines of, “Dude, what the fuck?!” It was an all-too vivid, seriously stomach-turning horror show, and I suppose that was the point. Um, mission accomplished.

I wonder if my health insurance policy covers mind-wipes.

What do you think?

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