4 thoughts on “Catwoman

  1. Sorry, not a fan of the re-boot DC women villains and heroes. Still a big fan of the Urtha Kitt Catwoman from the old TV show though.


      1. Yes Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt were STELLAR as Catwoman!
        The were fantastic each in their own way and brought panache, humour, sexiness and style to the character!
        I am so not a fan of the new revamped 52 Selina Kyle. : (
        But this drawing is really rather nifty!


  2. Guess I’m the outlier; I love the new Catwoman, and have subbed since issue #1 of the 52 reboot. The whole rooftop-sex-with-batman thing seemed a bit… much, but the issue #1 half-dressed rooftop escape clenched (IMO) the character.


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