4 thoughts on “Catwoman

  1. Sorry, not a fan of the re-boot DC women villains and heroes. Still a big fan of the Urtha Kitt Catwoman from the old TV show though.


      • Yes Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt were STELLAR as Catwoman!
        The were fantastic each in their own way and brought panache, humour, sexiness and style to the character!
        I am so not a fan of the new revamped 52 Selina Kyle. : (
        But this drawing is really rather nifty!


  2. Guess I’m the outlier; I love the new Catwoman, and have subbed since issue #1 of the 52 reboot. The whole rooftop-sex-with-batman thing seemed a bit… much, but the issue #1 half-dressed rooftop escape clenched (IMO) the character.


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