Friday Favorite: Starling

There was tons of skepticism about DC’s new books, and Birds of Prey was no exception. How could you take a perfect formula, Gail’s Dinah, Babs, and Zinda, and just change it? Well, even loaded with all the skepticism this fangirl could muster, I like the new Birds of Prey. I like it because of Starling.

I knew Starling was a pistol as soon as she burst onto the scene. And by burst I mean drove an antique car through the wall of a church. She’s a girl after my own heart.

What girl doesn’t want to be a super hot vigilante with all kinds of classified knowledge, general ass-kicking abilities, a sleeve of tattoos, and a penchant for one-liners? According to the Canary, “Ev Crawford is a master strategist who can drive, shoot and talk her way out of practically anything.” Also, she is wearing the hell out of that ponytail.

Starling is a force to be reckoned with and brings some awesome chemistry to the dynamic of the Birds (something I thought would be lost with a new team). But mostly, she makes me laugh. Out loud.

This Friday the 13th is dedicated to one of the best and brightest to come out of the relaunch. Here’s to Starling!

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11 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Starling

  1. I’ve yet to catch up with developments, but I’m glad to hear the Birds are still flying high… looking forward to checking this out for myself!


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