Not So Wonderful
Holy crow. Who has been singing the praises of Wonder Woman louder than me? Since issue #1, I have been going on about Cliff Chiang’s beautiful art, and how Brian Azzarello “gets” Diana. Maybe I was just blinded by the light (art). I stand by what I said about Chiang being damn near perfect on this book, but this month’s issue was not drawn by Chiang. So, Azzarello had to do the heavy lifting with the story, and that just did not happen. There is plenty of Greek Mythology. There is another half-breed offspring of Zeus unexpectedly popping in on Diana, Poseidon shows up and Hera is still pissed off. Quelle suprise! Azzarello is a good writer, but this issue falls flat without Chiang’s magic. Tony Akins is the fill in artist, and either DC chose him because he kind of sort of draws like Chiang, or he tried to draw like Chiang. Either way, it was not working for me. It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t impressed. Akins draws a pretty mean sea monster splash page, but his Diana is all wonky in the face. The proportions seemed off with the other characters as well. Cliff Chiang is a tough act to follow.

I heart Birds of Prey … Except For David Finch’s Covers
Starling got my unabashed vote for Friday Favorite last week, and for good reason. She is the best part of Duane Swierczynski’s Birds, but she is not all that is good. Duane is writing a kick-ass team book. All characters are distinct and intriguing in their own way. There is a great mix of mystery, action, punchy dialogue, strong character moments, and the chemistry between Starling, Black Canary, Katana, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl is working beautifully. The most impressive thing about Birds of Prey is that for five months in a row, Jesus Saiz has delivered consistently beautiful art. A couple more issues and he’s going to be like Calafiore on the Six and it just won’t feel right if anyone but Saiz draws BoP. Also, I think we might have another LGBT character in our midst. I am not sure, because there is not a great deal of exposition. Starling shows up unexpectedly at another woman’s home, and says she knows she is not supposed to be there. The woman touches Starling’s hand, and blushes. I get the definite impression that that situation is not platonic. Maybe Ev Crawford is gay, maybe she is bi. Either way, it works for the character. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised, and it wouldn’t feel contrived. It’s good writing people.

Rawr Frau

Are We There YET?
Why must you taunt me Fables? Why? We know who is going to replace Mr. North as the North Wind; can’t we just get on with it already? I love a good Frau Totenkinder flashback as much as the next fangirl, especially when it is drawn by Adam Hughes. But I am REALLY anxious to know what happens next in the main story. Hurry it up!

Since we are at anticipation station; the same thing goes for you, Morning Glories! Nick Spencer is taking due diligence to another plane. The exposition is either so slow or so complex that I am going to go grey before I figure out what the hell is going on at that damn academy. It’s issue #15! Hurry it up!

I review Chew fairly regularly over at Newsarama. It’s a fun book to write about. Chew just screams, “Please make bad but awesome food puns in your review! PLEASE!” Maybe not. I digress. Lately I have been jonesing for some John Colby, Tony Chu’s rascal of a partner. Well, former partner now. He’s been outside the arc for an issue or two. I’d like to think The Mighty Layman did it just for me (probably not), but Chew #23 has so much Colby it’s like Christmas … right after Christmas.

John Colby says brilliant things like, “This fucking USDA gig sucks enormous syphilitic monkey balls.” Also, he will sleep with anyone. Literally, anyone. Maybe even anything. He’s like a white Axel Foley who took a butcher knife to the head and got a digital brain upgrade. He’s kind of perfect.

Art by Rob Guillory

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