6 thoughts on “Misty Knight

  1. I love a lot of what Stephane does, but I have to call him out on this one. It’s not a very good drawing. It’s stiff and the figure looks oddly posed (the arm is extended why exactly?). And he renders Misty as if he’s never seen what a black woman really looks like. I’m not one of the “Ethnic Police”, but without the hairstyle and dark skin, you’d never know she was African-American. People are made differently. Sometimes those differences are obvious, sometimes they’re subtle. I love it when artists (especially comic artists) attempt to accurately capture those things on the page and not generalize everything and everybody. Sorry to be Negative Ned!


    1. I agree with you, Swain. Specifically in regards to her body proportions and positioning. I think her face and hair is exquisite, though. Much of Roux’s work has a stiffness to it, too. Check the Dani Moonstar image I posted. It is very pretty, but you can see it in the neck and shoulders.


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