This week’s haul …
Action Comics #6, Sweet Tooth #30, Uncanny X-Force #21

So Sweet
If you get your comics from your LCS every week, you know it isn’t cheap. Prices ranging from $2.99 and sometimes up to $4.99, multiplied by four or five books a week. Well, you do the math. Some books are more than worth it, others are not. The titles that are worth it hit hard and make you anticipate the hell out of the next issue. Titles that do that for me are Batwoman, Chew, Uncanny X-Force … and now Sweet Tooth.

Rewind a couple of months.

One of my besties lent me the first trade of Sweet Tooth, a title that was on the long list of things I want to read. I devoured it. Next trade, please. I also read that voraciously. On to the third, Sweet Tooth: Animal Armies. It is probably one of the most intense stories I have ever come across in a comic. It ranks up there with moments in Y: The Last Man and something else really awesome that I can’t think of right now. But then I had to wait for the fourth trade. That was more than I could handle.

I decided that once the fourth trade hits, I’m getting the single issues. That little doe-eyed, antler-having, coming-of-age in a post-apocalypse kid stole my damn heart. Also, from a sociological standpoint, the story speaks volumes. Sweet Tooth falls firmly into the “worth it” category. Of the many comics currently on the shelves, I’d bet that Sweet Tooth is one of the best. So, if you are looking for something else to read, check it out. Digital issues are only $1.99.

Issue #30 came out this week, and it was stellar. I reviewed it for Newsarama … check it.

Awesome in Otherworld
For the spandex portion of the show, Uncanny X-Force #21 did a fine job, once again. Rick Remender is on a roll with that book. I reviewed that, too.

Exhausted From All the Action
Morrison’s Superman story has gone from interesting to convoluted. I literally got tired trying to read Action Comics #6. I am not going to sit here and hash out the overuse of time travel or pretend like this isn’t what Morrison does. It is. I’m just not sure if it is working for me. Erika is much more eloquent about these things than I am. Check her review.

One of the most tragic casualties of the DC relaunch was the cancellation of Xombi. John Rozum and Frazer Irving made a deliciously odd and beautiful book. I love, love, LOVE Irving’s art and colors. There is nothing else like it. Rozum’s story isn’t perfect, but it has this bizarre abruptness that plays out quite well. It’s adventurous. Also, there are nuns with guns. If you missed it, the trade came out this week.

What do you think?

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