Girls Gone Geek has the distinct pleasure of being guest judges over at Super Hero of the Month for the Starfire redesign contest. E. and I both agree that few characters could use a fashion makeover as much as Starfire. She has been rendered many ways over the years, but almost always wearing very little. Her most recent incarnation in Red Hood and the Outlaws might be the most ridiculous version to date.

E. sums it up perfectly …

My problem with the costume is that it’s garish – like a futuristic stripper ensemble. She’s a powerful character trapped in a teenage boy’s idea of a sexy outfit, and it’s damn near impossible to take her seriously.

So, in the spirit of creating a heroic image – Come one, come all! Submit your redesigns for the lovely Koriand’r from Tamaran. Erika and I look forward to your submissions!

Submissions are due by Wednesday, February 22nd. Click here for further details.

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10 thoughts on “Starfire Redesigned

  1. Fantastic idea! I’m a big fan of Starfire, and it’s always extremely disheartening to hear her shirked by other comic readers, especially because of her outfit, which, unfortunately, has a LOT to do with her not-so-great reputation. People take one look at her and decide she’s nothing but a sex doll, without regarding the fact that many loveable, powerful characters (mostly female) have superhero outfits that are…less appropriate for battle against enemy threats.


  2. I have to say that I really love the Teen Titans version of Starfire. I know she was suppose to very young in that show but her outfit there was tasteful and it worked for what she did. It was youthful, feminine and she could fight in it!
    She has never been one of my favourite supers but she does not have to look like Ru Paul in a superhero outfit and nor does she have to look like the poor man’s version of S! bikini issue.


  3. Rejecting Starfire for being sexually aggressive, unashamed of her body or otherwise of differing mores seems to me to be just a variation on “slut shaming,” or controlling women’s behavior by creating restrictive social codes under the guise of ‘morality.’

    My issue with the post-New-52 Starfire isn’t her outfit. That’s literally only the surface layer. My issue is with DC taking an emotionally-honest, open and passionate character who embraces her emotions and her physicality in a refreshingly different way and reducing her to a dispassionate sex addict whose behavior is explained (excused?) by invoking a racial memory disorder that causes her to be unable to remember or emotionally connect with her sex partners.

    That is where the new version of Starfire falls short, and if only the outfit is addressed, I fear the deeper problem will end up being ignored.


    1. Valid points all around, and you may very well be right. Perhaps there is a more insidious demotion of character with Starfire … objectification of a once rich character turned empty shell.

      Still … her current costume is utterly ridiculous. Comics is a visual medium, and I think there is power in appearance. It’s worth a try, even if it only inspires dialogue.


      1. I completely agree. Fixing the costume is a good start. I’m just fervently hoping it’s just the beginning, and not the whole journey.


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